Voice-controlled order picking popular by corona

8 October, 2020
Woman Voice Picking in a Warehouse
8 October, 2020

Distribution centers and warehouses have been many times busier recently because of the measures around corona. Online ordering and the peak rush in supermarkets, for example, created major logistical challenges. With the holidays approaching, that means logistical challenges once again.

Black Friday kicks off the upcoming rush. Certainly because of the corona measures currently in place, it is expected that once again much more will be ordered than in other years. To keep up with the peak rush, extra people are being deployed within warehouses and distribution centers. Of course, you want to use this extra staff as efficiently as possible and also take hygiene measures into account, which means using equipment more person-to-person.

User-friendliness and hygiene

Whereas previously order pickers walked around the warehouse with lists, today order pickers are equipped with more modern technology. One of the modern techniques in order picking is “Voice,” or voice-activated order picking. The order picker has a headset on his or her head and through this headset clear instructions and gives confirmations through the microphone. A great advantage for the order picker is that he/she has hands free and error rates are zero. Recently, demand for the “Voice” solution has skyrocketed because of its user-friendliness and hygiene for order pickers.

We’ve listed the benefits of using “Voice.

  • Working more efficiently
  • Higher productivity
  • Less errors, control and administration
  • Hands and eyes free
  • Multitasking
  • Increased focus on work
  • Greater flexibility
  • Real-time management information
  • Higher employee satisfaction


At CaptureTech, we take a critical look at whether there are real gains and efficiencies to be made with voice. After an inventory of your logistics process, we develop a realistic picture of the return to be achieved. If the ‘Voice’ order picking system is not the best solution for your warehouse, we will think with you for another suitable solution. Will it work? Then we will guide you to full integration of “Voice. Please feel free to contact us!

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