Business service providers work efficiently with Microsoft 365

14 December, 2022
Microsoft Office 365
14 December, 2022

The biggest challenge for business service providers is working efficiently(er). The staff shortage is also quite noticeable in this industry, but this should not be at the expense of the quality and speed with which services are delivered. So it is necessary to work with the same people as efficiently as possible to get the work done, quickly and well.

There are numerous tools available to make life easier for business service providers. Software to collaborate pleasantly and effectively, for example, share files or manage projects. But can you still see the forest for the trees? Avoid unnecessary costs by first taking stock of which tools are included in your Microsoft 365 subscription and which ones you can add as add-ons.

Microsoft 365: your trusted software

As a business service provider, you will be familiar with Microsoft 365. Microsoft Outlook, Word and Excel are often a standard part of employees’ toolbox. But Microsoft 365 is so much more.

It has increasingly become a collaborative tool. Thanks to Microsoft Teams, it doesn’t matter who you engage with or where your conversation partner is located. The latest innovations take any conference call or meeting to the next level, including digital breakout rooms and capabilities to take notes or even host webinars.

Thanks to Microsoft Teams, we also know that it is not necessary to be physically present together every meeting or conversation. This allows us to regularly remove travel time from the schedule, leaving time for other things. Teams is now the hub where file sharing, for example, comes together and where you have instant access to various tools. Thus, working together becomes increasingly easy and practical.


Do you really want the ultimate user experience for your employees? With Workspace 365, you not only have all Microsoft tools collected in one portal, you can also link other software and (web-based) applications here.

In addition, single sign-on eliminates the need for repeated logins to the various tools: logging into Workspace365 once is enough to have everything you need to do your job efficiently and successfully at your fingertips.


Workspace 365 for business service providers

Microsoft Project

Project-based work is a must for more and more service providers. Customers want to know where they stand, collaboration is a lot more efficient this way, and everyone knows what is expected of them, and when. Microsoft Project is where all these things come together and where everyone can see the status of the project and keep track of their contributions.

If you use Microsoft 365, you can additionally purchase Microsoft Project. As you’re used to with Microsoft 365, you pay this per month per user. So you pay only for what you use and always get the latest updates.

Microsoft Planner

If you don’t work on a project basis to the extent that Microsoft Project is necessary, it can still be nice to keep track of what everyone is working on. You can do that with Microsoft Planner. This online tool is a standard part of most Microsoft 365 subscriptions.

With Microsoft Planner, you get task management. Easily create boards, by project, by department or whatever format you are comfortable with, and invite members. These members can work together on boards.

On a board, you can create, manage and handle tasks. Link relevant information, documents and team members to a task so you can keep track of the status of tasks.

Example of Microsoft Planner

Small business? Make Microsoft 365 work for you, too!

Many small business owners think Microsoft 365 is only of interest to the larger enterprises. Nothing could be further from the truth! Especially as a smaller business owner, you can make the most of the services Microsoft offers, for a fixed monthly fee. Even for freelancers and self-employed workers, Microsoft 365 offers many benefits.

So you can also use collaboration, with clients, customers and suppliers, with Microsoft Teams. Become part of a team so you stay on top of what’s going on. The same goes for Planner: you can collaborate on tasks with clients and customers on a board. It doesn’t get any easier to keep them informed about what you’re working on for them!

In addition, Microsoft has numerous templates for business owners, such as for quotations and invoices. Therefore, when your administration is not that complicated, you do not need to use an accounting program separately, but create professional documents in Word or Excel.

In short, business service providers can work (even) more efficiently with Microsoft 365. Wondering what opportunities you can take advantage of? If so, please contact us, we would be happy to look into it with you!