What can you expect from Windows 11?

15 July, 2021
Windows 11 on a laptop screen
15 July, 2021

After six years of Windows 10, Microsoft has now announced OS Windows 11. The rollout plan for the upgrade is still being finalized and is expected to begin in late 2021. What changes can you expect?

New interface, new features

Compared to Windows 10, the new interface is the most striking thing about Windows 11. By moving the menu to the center of the screen, the interface is now fairly similar to a Mac.

The new Snap Groups feature allows you to merge several apps you use at the same time into a group and display or minimize them at the same time. This makes it easier to switch between branches when using different groups of apps per task.

For tablets, efforts have been made to improve the touch experience on touchscreens, for example, with more space between icons on the taskbar. In addition, Microsoft is introducing voice-activated typing and commanding for the entire system.

Android apps will also become available in the new Windows Store. For owners of a Samsung Galaxy smartphone, this was already possible through a workaround but now the apps will be “native.

New PCs with Windows 11 already installed will be available later this year.

Microsoft Teams integrated

As announced, Skype has been completely replaced by Microsoft Teams. The collaboration app that lets you easily save and share files with your team and enables video conferencing in addition to chat capabilities is already immensely popular with Microsoft365 users, so now it is definitely replacing Skype. In Windows 11, Teams Chat is integrated into the taskbar, allowing you to connect with your colleagues directly from the taskbar via text, voice, or video.

microsoft teams application showing on a smartphone

Microsoft Teams conference call

So all in all, a number of things will change but for the average user it is mainly the new interface design that stands out and gives a refreshed look. Windows 11 is not here yet, but would you still like to be prepared and find out if your system is compatible? Then contact us. Are you already a customer with us? Then you don’t have to do anything because we take care of these worries for you.

Want to know more about Windows 11? You can watch Microsoft’s presentation here.