Managing a container terminal is becoming increasingly complex. Larger container ships require terminals to handle peak loads, where large numbers of containers are moved in a short period of time. At the same time, “dwell times” should not increase too much, traffic congestion around ports should be avoided, and flexible cooperation with different transport companies should be maintained. And all in limited space. Various automation solutions can help.

Container terminal

Yard Management

Deploying the right technology helps you make the best use of the space available and gain visibility into where you can make efficiency gains. For example, through real-time tracking of all traffic and goods, smart planning and prioritization of all activities, and coordinating the activities of all employees and third parties at the container terminal.

Effective yard management is critical to improving operational efficiency, reducing costs, ensuring compliance with safety and regulatory standards and increasing customer satisfaction.

Yard management systems (YMS) and Container Managent Systems are software solutions that can automate and streamline many of these activities. A YMS helps you with real-time visibility of such things as incoming and outgoing trucks, trailers, shipments, personnel, etc. and provides control over yard operations. Therefore, we integrate our solutions with such systems. Like, for example, with Softpak’s software.

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