• Robust and suitable for all-day work
  • For indoor and outdoor applications
  • Suitable for use in heat and sub-zero temperatures
  • Spray waterproof and available with optional rugged cover for added durability

Zebra L10 Windows Tablet ideal for any industrial environment

Zebra’s L10 Rugged Tablet family offers workers in demanding environments the power of mobile data. This model is specifically designed to meet the needs of workers in various industries including oil and gas, mining, telecommunications, construction, military, warehouses and manufacturing facilities.

The L10 tablets are customizable with business accessories that simplify daily use. The rugged design makes the tablets suitable for use in a variety of environments, including indoors and outdoors, in freezers and below zero, in heat, on forklifts and trucks and even in bright sunlight.

The advanced platform ensures lightning-fast performance on all apps. The battery provides full service or round-the-clock power with one charge, and the fastest wireless connections, such as WiFi, Bluetooth, cellular, GPS and NFC, are available. Manage Windows updates with one-button simplicity.

With Mobility DNA, Zebra offers valuable, Zebra-only applications that take device performance, ease of use, manageability and security to the next level.

Specifications L10 Windows

DimensionsXslate: 280.8 mm L x 195.2 W mm x 22 mm D / Xpad: 280.8 mm L x 255.9 W mm x 22 mm D / Xslate with keyboard: 280.8 mm L x 210.8 W mm x 60 mm D
WeightXSlate: 1.3kg / Xpad: 1.4kg / Xslate with keyboard: 2.1kg
PushbuttonsVolume up/down; on/off; barcode scanner; programmable buttons.
Battery Standard battery: up to 9.5 hours3 Extended battery: up to 25 hours3 Battery charge time: - Standard battery: 2.75 hours with system off4 - Extended battery: 3.25 hours with system off4 Standard bridge battery (1 minute swap time) - Hot swap battery feature comes standard Input Voltage: 12-20V, AC Adapter: 19V
Operating systemWindows 10
Operating temp-20°C to 60°C

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Zebra L10 Windows

The Windows L10 Android Tablet is a robust tablet that uses an advanced platform to deliver lightning-fast performance. This tablet can be used in almost any industrial environment such as oil and gas, construction and mining.

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