• Modern processor and solid connectivity
  • Ultimate security with Multi-Factor Authentication
  • With FlexRange™ XLR scanning motor
  • Compatible with business software for retail, healthcare and last-mile delivery applications.
  • Operational Intelligence suite of solutions for deep operational insights

The rugged Honeywell CT47

The Honeywell CT47 is the new and improved version of the CT45. Hot superior rugged design for any environment is optimally balanced, durable and made to keep business workflows moving and activities flowing. Combined with powerful software, the CT47 is the ideal choice for users in transportation & logistics and warehouse.

Mobility Edge™; a durable, stable and secure platform

The Honeywell CT47 is built on the Mobility Edge platform; a durable, stable, secure foundation for effective solutions. The CT47 uses the latest processor and memory technology for high performance with guaranteed support up to and including Android 15. Combined with the powerful, cloud-based Operational Intelligence solution for asset optimization, IT leaders can provide their operations with critical analytics for increased productivity and low TCO. All with a user experience that keeps frontline workers productive and engaged.

Durable and reliable

The CT47 is designed to withstand the most challenging environments. Transportation and logistics and warehouses are busier than ever, and customers need to keep their operations and workflows running. Workers in the field and warehouse can rely on the ultra-rugged design; the CT47 can withstand falls up to 8ft and more than 500 true tumbles. New enhanced stand and wireless battery options keep the CT47 online during demanding shifts. Built on a slim form factor, the CT47 is optimally designed with screen visibility and ruggedness in mind.

Specifications CT47

Dimensions170 mm x 79 mm x 19.2 mm
Protection classesIP65 and IP68
Operating temp-20°C to +50°C
Touchpanel Rugged multi-touch capacitive touch panel, Glove, stylus and rain modes supported. Water droplet rejection with screen protector mode. Covered with Gorilla Glass 5 for increased resistance to drops.
Weight288 grams
DisplaySize: 13.97 cm. Resolution: Full HD (2160 x 1080)

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Honeywell CT47

The Honeywell CT47 mobile computers are ultra-rugged, multi-functional handheld devices that ensure reliable performance. Equipped with 5G data connections and made for communication for front-line mobile workers in warehouse, logistics and field operations.

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