St vd Brink is a versatile and sustainable transportation company that has put the customer first for 77 years. Therefore, the logistics service provider fully tailors its operations to the requirements, practices and needs of its customers. So it is only logical that their barcode scanners also meet the latest standards. CaptureTech took care of the delivery and implementation of a series of new Datalogic Skorpio X5 scanners for St vd Brink, allowing orders to arrive at their destination even faster and without errors from now on.

Datalogic Skorpio X5

With more than 800 employees and warehouses in Ermelo, Lelystad and Wormerveer, St vd Brink guarantees national coverage and lightning-fast anticipation of rapidly changing transport needs. The company – which has just under 500 trucks, its own workshop and two 24-hour service trucks – provides not only conditioned and unconditioned transport, but also bulk, tilt, crane and contract distribution.

"In half a morning we were up and running"
Ron Ranzijn, Application Administrator, St vd Brink

New Android application called for new scanners

Before St vd Brink made the switch to Skorpio X5, the company used Falcon handheld scanners. “We have always been very satisfied with this,” says application manager Ron Ranzijn. “Only after all these years, they had seen their best days. Moreover, we were switching to an Android application that did not communicate with the Falcons. Together with our regular contact at CaptureTech, we looked at which scanners would fit our needs and requirements. The Skorpio X5 turned out to be the best fit and was available on short notice. The latter was a big plus for us, especially now that components are becoming increasingly scarce.”


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High service level

For Ron, it was more or less natural to order the scanners from CaptureTech. “Of course there are dozens of other providers, but we have been very pleased with the high level of service from the CaptureTech team for many years. We know they keep their promises and do a good job. In fairness, then, I must say that I have not done any further extensive market research. Good is just good.”

CaptureTech Protect: “A logical choice.”

CaptureTech Protect logo

What certainly played an important role in the decision to go with CaptureTech was the complementary service CaptureTech Protect. This assures the customer of 24/7 telephone and online assistance from CaptureTech specialists and ensures that mobile devices are always up to date. “A logical choice,” Ron said. “I find it unthinkable that you invest in new scanners and then just run them in your network without knowing exactly what is happening. With CaptureTech Protect, we can be sure that our equipment and business continuity will be just fine.”

Smooth implementation

Good coordination beforehand ensured a quick and smooth implementation of the new hardware. Ron had provided all deliverables and required logins in advance, allowing CaptureTech to get started right away. “During the implementation itself, I didn’t actually have to do anything. In half a morning we were up and running. In the beginning, we still had the old app and scanners running in parallel with the new system. This allowed colleagues to slowly get used to it and gave us the opportunity to make minor adjustments to the app. By now we are completely over and it is as if we have never worked any other way.”

"Glad that this migration has not only saved time, but also increased job satisfaction"
Ron Ranzijn, Application Administrator, St vd Brink

More job satisfaction

Ron also gets positive feedback on the new Datalogic Skorpio X5s from his colleagues on the shop floor. “They now work a lot faster and the operation is as they were used to from the previous Datalogic models; light and with different scan keys. It’s great that this migration has not only resulted in time savings, but also increased job satisfaction. If we want to modernize further in the future, we definitely know where to find CaptureTech again!”

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