For what type of warehouse is voice picking the best choice?

The beauty of the recent voice picking technology is that the added value of this solution is equally evident in any warehouse. Voice picking reduces errors, brings time savings and increases productivity, resulting in greater customer and employee satisfaction.

Suitable for any distribution center or warehouse

Do you have a somewhat smaller warehouse or just a large distribution center? A transit warehouse, a web shop or a parts warehouse? Or a wholesale business? Order picking with a voice solution is suitable for all of these situations.

Voice picking is faster than order picking with paper documents (about 10-15% faster) and order picking based on RF/barcodes (about 15%-25%). It requires a limited investment in training. The “natural” user interface and hands-free operation increase employee efficiency. Online data integration greatly facilitates back-office administration. Voice picking also improves ergonomics and safety. There is even a positive correlation between the use of voice technology for order picking and (lower) absenteeism.

Voice picking in warehouse

Clear benefits of voice picking in practice

  • Error reduction
  • Time Saving & Productivity
  • Two hands free
  • Cost savings

Voice dependent: always the right option for a noisy distribution center

A warehouse with lots of noise seems like a challenging environment for voice picking. If you choose a speech-dependent (trained) voice system in combination with quality headsets that have a noise filtering system, however, voice recognition works perfectly. Ambient noise or even spoken language from colleagues: it poses no problem at all. With voice, order pickers can work much faster, keep their hands and eyes free and perform their work better equipped.

DC Walkthrough Warehouse

DC walkthrough and ROI calculation

During our proven walkthrough of a distribution center, we analyze your shop floor processes and come up with sound advice on voice picking based on that analysis. We calculate your ROI including the payback period. Your productivity increases by at least 20% by deploying voice picking from CaptureTech. And with the use of CaptureTech Insight, you can further optimize processes after implementation!

More information or a quote?

At CaptureTech, we make office and logistics collaboration possible. We believe that organizations can be more successful through better and faster collaboration. This contributes to increased productivity and job satisfaction. Want more information or a quote? Then contact us directly at +31 252 241544 or send an email to [email protected].

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