• Ready for daily use in any environment – including the freezer
  • Robust display optimized for gloves
  • Hot swappable powerful batteries
  • Compatibility with previous generation (WT6000) accessories
  • Take high-resolution photos

New generation

A new keyboard option provides a familiar interface for manual key entry. Get lightning-fast application performance with more processing power, RAM and Flash memory. The WT6300 is robust and ready for the toughest environments, including the freezer. Enhanced WiFi support delivers no-drop reliable connections. Users get maximum performance and range of Bluetooth peripherals with Bluetooth 5.0. Connect a Zebra Bluetooth ring scanner and HD4000 Head-Mounted Display for a complete solution. In addition, users can capture photos via a linked Zebra ring scanner to document evidence of condition on the spot. The WT6300 enables your shop floor employees to keep pace with the e-commerce explosion.

Zebra WT6300 wearable computer

The WT6300 is a dedicated wearable device for maximum comfort all day long. It is one of the lightest devices in its class. Built specifically for portability, the WT6300 has a very low center of gravity, minimizing muscle strain and worker fatigue – unlike a wrist-mounted mobile handheld computer. And the best-in-class attachment system delivers unparalleled comfort and eliminates pressure points.

Warehouse worker with Zebra WT6300

Specifications Zebra WT6300

Dimensions121 mm L X 89 mm W X 20 mm D and 34 mm (D)
Display3.2 in. WVGA (800x480); LED backlight; color display; optically bonded to touch panel
Operating systemAndroid 11; upgradeable to Android 14
Touch panelCapacitive touch panel; fingertip and glove support; conductive stylus support; Corning® Gorilla® Glass
Weight9 oz./256 g (standard battery) 11 oz./312 g (extended battery)
Tumble Spec1,000 tumbles @ 1.6 ft./0.5 m; meets and exceeds IEC tumble specifications

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“We rely on the products and services provided by CaptureTech to help determine our business success.”

Clifford Lenkens, Manager ICT, Quantore

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Zebra WT6300

The hands-free WT6300 increases speed in order picking and sorting in warehouses and stores, where orders placed online sometimes need to be ready for pickup within two hours. Building on Zebra’s WT6000, the WT6300 offers new features that take productivity and order accuracy to the next level.

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