• Prevent loss of your mobile devices
  • Assign appropriate devices to authorized users
  • Automate workflows with management software
  • Make mobile devices traceable through controlled issue
  • Optimize the number of devices needed

Zebra Cradle Locks

The way you store enterprise mobile devices often affects the daily efficiency of employees in the workplace. Without a proper storage solution, you run the risk of device damage and loss, process interruptions and ultimately reduced productivity. Resulting in unnecessarily high costs.

With Zebra’s Cradle Locks, you lock down your mobile devices and grant access only to those who need to use the equipment for their shift. Then they put the device back in the cradle, the device is locked again and automatically charged. As a result, devices are always available and charged when you need them.

Cloud-based management tool

Implement cradle locks with the Zebra Access Management System (ZAMS) for easy management of all stored devices. Easily control access to devices for authorized personnel, create standard workflows, charge all batteries, check battery status and create clear reports.

The ZAMS portal is accessible from any device with a Web browser and allows you, for example, to create e-mail notifications for when a device is not returned, or is removed without being logged in. This way you notify the right people within your organization immediately, proactively and fully automatically.


What is the Zebra Access Management System?

The Zebra Access Management System (ZAMS) is a software platform designed specifically for Zebra’s storage systems, such as Intelligent Cabinets, Racks and Cradle Locks. It provides advanced access management, reporting and monitoring features to enhance the security of your valuable assets. With ZAMS, you can authorize individual users or groups of users to access specific cabinets and compartments, and track each user’s access history and activity. It also provides alerts and notifications to notify you of suspicious activity or possible security breaches.

There are three elements to this software:

  • An application running on the device (Android version 7.0 or higher)
  • A touch screen with a management module
  • The portal

The Android application is installed on the mobile device, allowing it to communicate with the management system via Bluetooth or WiFi during the charging and login process. The management system and portal record events such as the date and time when a device is removed/inserted from the holder. But also the success/failure of notification and an alerted event. Furthermore, associated information such as user ID, device serial number and battery level are reported.

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Zebra Cradle Locks

Zebra Cradle Locks allow you to physically lock down your Zebra devices and centrally manage, issue and store them in your healthcare facility, warehouse, store or manufacturing environment.

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