• Produced from wax, resin or wax and resin
  • Increased print quality
  • Extend the life of your print head
  • Minimize maintenance through automatic cleaning
  • Only top quality products

Ink ribbons for all printer models

To get the most out of your thermal printers, it is important to use the right high quality ink ribbons. This ensures minimal print head wear, high print quality and maximum life of your label printer or print & apply machine. The antistatic coating of these ink ribbons also helps minimize print head wear.

The various types of ink ribbons for all printer models are usually available from stock. We supply the ink ribbon according to the specific requirements such as length and width. Because of the custom roll size, you choose a sustainable solution with much less residual material.

Customized advice

Thermotransfer ink ribbons consist of wax (wax), resin or a combination of wax and resin (resin). Depending on the material of the label, provide an ink ribbon with the appropriate combination of wax and resin. This ensures maximum scratch and smudge resistant printing of the labels. Where the labels are applied also plays an important role. Consider indoor or outdoor applications, chemicals, ambient temperatures, moisture levels and the desired life of the print.

Therefore, be well advised. Choosing the right thermal transfer ink ribbon ensures better print quality and increases the life of the precious print head.

Thermal transfer ink ribbons

Ink ribbons with standard wax

Wax resin

  • Scratch and smudge resistant
  • Suitable for labels in outdoor environment
  • For coated paper and plastic labels


  • Maximum durability
  • Smudge and scratch resistant printing
  • Suitable for demanding environments such as temperature fluctuations, automotive and manufacturing processes with chemical solvents.
  • Good print quality on a variety of synthetic label materials

Inline printing on flexible packaging

  • Suitable for printing on a wide range of uncoated and coated packaging films such as PP, OPP, PE and PET
  • Excellent resistance to scratching and smudging of printing
  • Good print quality (sharp and dark)
  • High speed printing
  • Antistatic properties to reduce wear and extend print head life
  • Ideal for Markem, Videojet, Zodiac, Domino, Opendate, Allen Coding (Diagraph), Valentin, Jaguar and many more TTO inline printers

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Thermal transfer ink ribbons

The right thermal transfer ink ribbons for optimal printing with your label printer or print & apply machine.

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