• Ergonomic, lightweight design
  • Built on latest-generation Mobility Edge™ platform
  • Easy integration with Voice or 8675i wearable
  • Suitable for WLAN, Bluetooth and NFC

All the way with the CW45

The CW45 wearable computer is a robust tool that improves productivity. By presenting the process information at the place where the work is performed; to the employees on the shop floor. The mobile computer is designed from the ground up for comfort, ease of use and reliability. Its reliable performance, data connectivity and communications give front-line mobile workers in warehouse & DC, retail, logistics and manufacturing everything they need, when they need it.

The CW45 is rugged and has a low profile with low center of gravity, a large 4.7-inch HD screen and comfortable, easy-to-carry accessories. You can hot swap the battery, and the durable armband keeps the device comfortably in place for optimal hands-free operation.

Fast connection for the Honeywell CW45

The CW45 has the latest Wi-Fi 6 technology built in for increased data throughput and provides a better voice or video communication experience, even in environments with a very high density of connected devices.

Key benefits

Our consultant Rogier presents the main advantages of the CW45 wearable computer.

Complete solution

Complete the solution with software and accessories. Connect the 8675i rugged wearable scanner via Bluetooth or power cable to scan quickly and reliably. Or connect quickly and easily to Honeywell Voice headsets via tap-to-pair. Or implement Honeywell Guided Work Voice solutions.

Hands-free working improves the throughput of your current processes by eliminating the constant motion of picking up and putting down conventional devices. Wearables also minimize time lost when handheld devices are improperly stored. And because the right information is displayed when needed, decision-making by shop floor employees is improved and errors are reduced.

Specifications CW45

Dimensions133 mm x 86 mm x 14 mm
Memory6 GB DDR4x RAM, 64 GB UFS Flash
Drop SpecsMultiple traps of 1.8 m on concrete
Operating Temperature-20°C to +50°C
Storage Temperature-30°C to +70°C

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Honeywell CW45

The Honeywell CW45 wearable mobile computer brings optimized ergonomics and performance to arm-worn applications. Comfortable, powerful, compact, durable and easy to use, the CW45 offers maximum return on investment.

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