• Tri-band radios with MU-MIMO support
  • Radios optimized for speed and range
  • Fourth radio for security and RF management
  • Built-in real-time RF spectrum overview; cloud-based automatic RF optimization

CW9164 Access Point

The CW9164 provides more efficient transmission to multiple clients through Multi-User Multiple Input Multiple Output (MU-MIMO). This is especially suitable for environments with many mobile devices, allowing multiple clients to receive data simultaneously. You thereby increase overall network performance and improve the end-user experience.

An integrated Bluetooth radio provides seamless deployment of Bluetooth Low Energy beacon functionality and effortless visibility of Bluetooth devices.

Automatic RF optimization

The CW9164’s advanced and automated RF optimization means that no special hardware and RF expertise is required to tune a wireless network. The RF data collected by the dedicated fourth radio is continuously fed back to the Meraki cloud. This data is then used to automatically tune the client’s channel selection, transmit power and connection settings for optimal performance under even the most challenging conditions.


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Cisco Meraki CW9164

Cisco Meraki’s CW9164 is a professional 802.11ax compliant tri-band access point with separate radios for security, RF management and Bluetooth® and features a USB port for additional connectivity options.

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