With a total of some 80 years of experience in financial services and a rich archive of successes and positive references, values such as ‘professional’, ‘high quality’ and ‘results-oriented’ are self-evident at DUTCH Corporate Finance. But a major event such as an acquisition or merger, a management buy-in or major change in direction with financial implications, requires more. In such an exciting process, where great demands are made on the qualities of the entrepreneur, an entrepreneur wants to have someone beside him or her who understands from his or her own experience what entrepreneurship entails. Someone who looks at things just a little differently and thinks critically, smartly and creatively. A pleasant person who takes care of things.

Jasper ter Braak sitting
Jasper ter Braak

Critical sparring partner

We speak with Jasper ter Braak, partner at DUTCH CF and now more than 10 years active as an advisor in Management Buy-Ins (MBIs) and sale of companies. Much knowledge and inspiration Jasper draws from his own entrepreneurship and from the hundreds of conversations he has had over the years with DGAs on their path to successful entrepreneurship. “I am genuinely interested in people and in their motivations and ambitions. I regularly hear back from clients that with me alongside them they quickly feel completely at ease in the exciting and complex process of buying or selling.”

Especially in a changing market where digitalization is creating new business models, where there is a lot of money and a lot of demand for high-yielding businesses, sound advice and having a large network of financial parties is essential. “So for us, the partnership with our clients is very important. A DGA wants to be able to rely on the advice and skill of an expert when making such decisions. Someone who sits next to you, not across from you. With whom concerns and ambitions can be shared openly and in clear language. A high-level critical sparring partner.”

"We are very satisfied with the service. Whenever I speak to an industry peer or friend about IT services, I immediately say, you should call CaptureTech."
Jasper ter Braak, Partner, DUTCH Corporate Finance

A good feeling

Two years ago, Jasper decided to outsource IT management to one professional party. For this decision, DUTCH CF did not have an IT partner, but the necessary technical knowledge and expertise was also not available in-house. Each partner solved this individually. “Because our IT was not centrally managed, we ran into impractical things. For example, we were working with Dropbox to share files. That’s far from ideal. So then came the question: how are we going to make this more efficient and practical?”

DUTCH Coporate Finance came to CaptureTech to outsource and centralize IT support with one party. “The contact with CaptureTech was satisfactory. I had a good feeling right away and the people are friendly and approachable.” CaptureTech now manages the notebooks and Office365 environment for DUTCH CF.

“The cooperation with CaptureTech is very good. It’s nice for us to have a help desk with knowledgeable professionals for when we need technical IT support that is also available 24/7.”

Even when onboarding new employees, Jasper sees the added value of CaptureTech as a professional IT partner. “The way we have it organized now is much more practical than before. New employees have an immediate help desk if they have IT questions.”
It’s easy to do business with CaptureTech, according to Jasper. “IT problems are fixed quickly, by taking over a laptop remotely, for example. They just make sure things get done right. And that’s also what our customers expect from us, so that fits very well.”

When asked if Jasper would recommend CaptureTech, he is absolutely clear: “Yes, of course, right away. We are very satisfied with the services. If I speak to an industry peer or friend about IT services, I immediately say: you should call CaptureTech.”

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