CaptureTech expands partnership with Honeywell

22 August, 2022
Honeywell printer in a warehouse printing a label with a barcode
22 August, 2022

The partnership between CaptureTech and Honeywell goes back more than 20 years. On top of our existing Honeywell Platinum Partner status, we are further expanding the partnership: CaptureTech is now also a Honeywell Service Partner.

This means CaptureTech will roll out its own Honeywell Printer Service Program. Our employees will include regular training by a Honeywell Service Engineer, with their skills tested annually. Furthermore, we are held to high standards regarding reliability and speed of service orders for the Honeywell printers.

Honeywell Service Partner

The benefit to our customers is that by joining the Honeywell Service Partner network, we can now service and repair Honeywell printers even better. Our staff is extensively trained to service all Honeywell industrial printers, desktop printers and mobile printers. In doing so, we use only Honeywell parts available only from Honeywell designated distributors. This ensures that your factory warranty remains valid after repair and you can continue to print barcodes, labels, tickets and tags worry-free.

Warehouse worker taking a barcode label from an industrial Honeywell printer

Replacing printers

Do you have outdated portable, desktop or other industrial printers in your warehouse? If so, please contact us. Perhaps your model and type will qualify for a drop-in discount. In doing so, you turn in your old printer(s) and we offer a discount on a new model.


Managing printers with CaptureTech Check

CaptureTech Check is a service portal that gives you insight into the technical status and details of your equipment, by site or location. Also, in CaptureTech Check, you easily and quickly report a defective device, such as a printer. Send it to our repair center, track its status in Check and receive repaired equipment back quickly and immediately deployable.

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