Identity Security
Cyber Security

Identity Security

Monitor your employees’ usage and login patterns and ensure secure access to applications.

Secure login information

Login credentials are a popular target for malicious actors because they can use them to enter a corporate network fairly easily and because it is often not immediately noticeable. Therefore, in the more comprehensive packages of CaptureTech Cyber Shield you will find several solutions that provide an additional layer of data security for this purpose.

The password scan ensures that the Windows password, when it needs to be renewed, is not too similar to previous passwords and the username. It also checks whether the password is strong enough.

With a password manager, you offer employees the ability to securely store a variety of passwords. This prevents employees from using passwords that are too simple, or the same ones all the time, for applications and websites. Or store or write down passwords in an insecure manner. This increases cyber security within your organization, without inconveniencing employees.

Security Scan

Start easily and know immediately where you stand with the Security Scan. With this baseline measurement, we scan your current environment, including existing software and hardware and your security policies. Usually we can quickly identify some immediately visible risks, but we also come up with a comprehensive and in-depth report for your area. Should you subsequently choose our CaptureTech Cyber Shield subscription, we will do this scan again every year.

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Mikel Warbie
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