Conditional access
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Conditional Access

Give employees secure and conditional access to systems and data with Conditional Access.

Conditional access

Optionally, you can choose solutions such as Conditional Access and Priviliged Access Management. Conditional Access, or conditional access, means you have more control over login attempts on your network and in applications. One way you can manage this is with multifactor authentication (MFA, aka 2FA), so that an employee has to take an extra step in addition to the login credentials to log in. This could include entering a code from a mobile app, or approving a request in that same app.

By setting up Conditional Access policies, we ensure that appropriate access controls are applied when needed.

Conditional Access overview


Priviliged Access Management

Priviliged Access Management is primarily designed to ensure that employees are not given more access rights than necessary to perform their jobs. Especially for administrator accounts and administrators, for example, this means that they can access the management environment, but you can set how long this access lasts and what rights are associated with the work. This way you limit the damage if such an account is hacked or taken over.

Cyber Security Scan

Start easily and know immediately where you stand with the Security Scan. With this baseline measurement, we scan your current environment, including existing software and hardware and your security policies. Usually we can quickly identify some immediately visible risks, but we also come up with a comprehensive and in-depth report for your area. Should you subsequently choose our Security-as-a-Service subscription, we do this scan again every year.

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