• With touchscreen and replaceable keyboard
  • Multiple mounting options
  • Full Windows support
  • Maximum robust design
  • Designed for speech in your loudest environment

The mobile computer for warehouse vehicles

The VC80 is a rugged computer designed specifically for use in material handling vehicles. It is a mobile computer from Zebra that enables operators to access the desktop applications they need to perform tasks faster and more accurately, even in the most demanding indoor and outdoor environments, such as warehouses, distribution centers, airports, seaports and rail yards.

With full Windows support, the VC80 offers a wide range of compatibility with various software applications. This allows workers to use familiar desktop programs and connect to company systems and data seamlessly, allowing them to stay productive while on the go.

The VC80 is designed to provide the fastest wireless connectivity so employees can always stay connected with relevant data and communications. This is especially important in environments where real-time information exchange is critical to the efficiency and security of operations. With a reliable wireless connection, operators can receive and send data, manage orders, manage inventory and communicate with colleagues. This ensures that the overall workflow is optimized.

As for installation, the VC80 offers flexible mounting options so that it can be easily installed in different types of vehicles. This ensures problem-free integration with existing vehicle systems and allows for convenient and ergonomic placement of the computer. This increases operator productivity.

In short, the VC80 offers the benefits of a desktop computer in a rugged, mobile device designed specifically for use in demanding environments. It increases efficiency, improves accuracy and increases operator productivity by enabling them to access necessary applications and data wherever they are.


Dimensions265 mm W x 235 mm H x 90 mm D
CPU and RAMWindows 7: Intel E3825 Dual Core, 1.33 GHz with 2 GB RAM or Intel E3845 Quad Core, 1.91 GHz with 4 GB RAM Windows 10: Intel E3845 Quad Core, 1.91 GHz with 4 GB RAM
Operating systemWindows Embedded Standard 7, 64 bit; Windows 7 Professional, 64 bit; Windows 10 IoT Enterprise, 64 bit
Operating temp-22° C to 50° C
Weight3.9 kg
Protection classIP66

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Zebra VC80

The Zebra VC80 fits perfectly into almost any warehouse vehicle. The 10.4-inch screen and keyboard are mounted in a vehicle within 10 seconds, this ensures that this mobile device can be easily changed vehicles.

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