• Easy to pair with other mobile devices
  • Support for Android, IOS and Windows
  • Powerful battery
  • Works optimally in different environments

Optimize operational efficiency with the RFD8500

The RFD8500 is a versatile device that provides a simple, easy and cost-effective way to add RFID technology and barcode scanning technology to selected Zebra and compatible third-party mobile devices, tablets and smartphones. By pairing the Bluetooth sled with your mobile device and attaching the mobile device to the RFD8500, you get a complete RFID solution with one hand. If you prefer the stand-alone mode, you can place the mobile device in a pocket or holster and use the RFID sled separately. With support for Android, iOS and Windows, you are assured of the long-term protection of your investment.

The RFD8500 lets you deliver unparalleled performance, whether your employees are capturing RFID tags or barcodes. They can quickly and easily capture tags and barcodes, improving productivity, operational efficiency and customer service. Whether you need to track inventory items, retail products, assets in logistics or other RFID-labeled objects, Zebra’s RFID sled provides the functionality necessary to do so smoothly and accurately.

With the addition of RFID capabilities, you can read RFID tags, write RFID tags and capture multiple tags simultaneously. This ensures improved productivity, operational efficiency and customer service. Whether you are improving inventory management and supply chain processes. In addition, the integrated 1D/2D barcode scanning technology provides the flexibility to read barcodes as well, giving you an all-in-one solution for capturing different types of data.

So with the RFD8500, you can improve your company’s productivity and operational efficiency, no matter what industry you’re in. Whether you work in retail, logistics, healthcare, transportation or any other industry, this RFID sled from Zebra can be a valuable asset to optimize your efficiency and production. By providing fast and accurate RFID and barcode scanning technology, the RFD8500 helps improve processes, minimize errors and increase customer satisfaction.

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“The RFID solution allows for better replenishment of the assortment and contributes to higher service levels in our stores.”

Karin van Braam, Director of Merchandise Planning & Category Management


Dimensions13 cm H x 8 cm W x 18.5 cm L
Nominal reading distance± 6 meters
Drop Spec Multiple 1.2 m drops to concrete (0° to 40° C)
WeightImager Version: 435 grams Non-Imager Version: 430 grams
Tumble Spec1000 drops (500 tumbles, 1.6 ft./0.5 m) at room temperature

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Zebra RFD8500

With support for Android, IOS and Windows, you get real investment protection. Whether your employees are capturing RFID tags or barcodes, Zebra’s RFD8500 is unmatched in that area.

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