• Available in IP65 and IP67 protection classes
  • Easy to install
  • Scans 1D and 2D barcodes
  • Easy to connect to your network
  • Linkable to other devices

The Zebra FS20 fixed scanner

The Zebra FS20 is a compact, stationary industrial scanner designed to make barcode capture easier in industrial environments. It is Zebra’s smallest network-enabled industrial scanner and is specifically designed for applications where space is limited. The device is suitable for various applications such as product tracking, inventory management and order picking.

With the FS20, you can scan your barcodes in virtually any condition thanks to Zebra’s exclusive ImagePerfect and PRZM Intelligent Imaging features. These features guarantee that the scanner accurately captures every bar code, even if it is damaged, faded or dirty. This means that you always have accurate information about the products you scan, which can increase the productivity of your warehouse or production line.

Another advantage of the FS20 is that it can be easily integrated with your PLC or Host network. This makes it possible to use the scanner in different industrial environments and link it to other equipment you already have in use.

Finally, the FS20 is also very easy to use. The device comes with the intuitive Zebra Auro software, making it very easy to set up, deploy and run the scanner. And if your needs change, you can easily upgrade the scanner to machine vision functionality or support new codes through the purchase of software licenses.

FS20 Specifications

Dimensions28.3 mm x 94.2 mm 54.6 mm
Operating Temperature0° C to 45° C
Storage Temperature-40° C to 70° C
Weight195 grams
Accessories Cables, brackets and power supplies

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Zebra FS20

Zebra’s FS20 is a compact industrial scanner that can capture bar codes in industrial environments and is suitable for product tracking, inventory management and order picking. Thanks to exclusive Zebra features, the scanner can capture bar codes even when they are damaged, faded or dirty. The scanner easily integrates with your network and comes with intuitive Zebra Aurora software for easy use and upgrades to new functionality.

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