• Print speed of up to 7 inches per second
  • Fast data processing for efficient performance
  • Optional built-in AC adapters
  • Designed to withstand the demands of retail environments
  • Future-proof operating system

Toshiba’s BVD410D

Toshiba designed the BV410D to provide reliability and withstand future challenges. This series of advanced desktop printers consists of several models with compact design and intelligent functionality, taking the user experience to the next level. Our printers offer excellent connectivity features and can be seamlessly integrated into different networks and printing scenarios thanks to printer language emulations.

The BV410D printers meet the demands of ever-changing work environments. They have a future-proof operating system and support loT device management, making them easy to integrate into complex IT environments. With features such as SOTI connect support, companies can track large printer fleets and overcome printer management challenges such as remote access for firmware updates and automated rule implementation.

Our BV410D printers offer impressive speed and efficiency. They achieve market-leading print speeds of up to 7 inches per second and have an advanced CPU that processes data even faster, printing labels and receipts quickly and efficiently. In addition, the printer is almost immediately ready to use when turned on thanks to its fast startup time.

At Toshiba, the focus is on reliability with the BV410D printers. We designed them to withstand the toughest retail environments, and they offer proven reliability with virtually no downtime. With optional built-in AC adapters, these printers can be easily integrated into various working environments.

Specifications BV410D

Dimensions174 mm x 218 mm x 173 mm
Maximum Print Width108 mm/105.7 mm
Weight2 kg
Memory128 mb

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Toshiba BV410D

Toshiba’s BV410D is a reliable and advanced desktop printer with a compact design, high print speeds and excellent connectivity. The future-proof operating system and loT management capabilities allow for easy integration into IT environments. The printers are designed to withstand the harshest environments and offer minimal downtime.

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