• Suitable to run with A4 printer
  • Real-time insight into battery status in % and hours through comprehensive battery indicator
  • Light and easily movable due to strong industrial casters
  • Suitable for industrial environments and daily intensive use
  • Easily expandable with different modules and options
  • Designed to run with industrial label printers, laptops and tablets, among others

Less running and errors

The use of the Polymath mobile workstation trolley reduces walking distances and promotes ergonomic working posture for personnel on the floor. Thanks to their movability, these trolleys can be used flexibly. Thus, they can be easily adapted for use in different logistics processes. Depending on the equipment needed, such as printers, laptops and barcode scanners, the trolleys are designed with different weights and equipped with the appropriate battery capacity. Our specialists are ready to guide you in putting together the right configuration.

Options and accessories

The mobile workstation carts can be expanded with a wide range of accessories to make them even more versatile. Additional (height adjustable) work surfaces, storage compartments and printer drawers to make it easier to change printer rolls, for example. But we also supply the necessary accessories for mounting screens, waste bins and other applications.

It is also possible to customize the workstation to suit your own preferences, including customized accessories. Furthermore, Polymath mobile workstations can be executed in your company’s brand colors or in specific materials such as aluminum or stainless steel.

Test the Polymath mobile workstation

Try the Polymath trolley for free for two weeks and see how you can best fit it into your operation. We can even run the test model with measuring equipment. With this, we continuously monitor how long the trolley is being actively used, how long it is being loaded and the outgoing powers are tracked. Based on this, we can determine exactly which battery type and output power is best for your situation.


Dimensions1140x525x556 cm (HxWxD) or customization
Power600W - 1500W
System voltage12V
Battery typeLead Carbon
Battery capacity75Ah - 118Ah
AlarmsVisual and acoustic
Number of cycles+/- 1000 (at 70% discharge)

Two week free trial

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Mobile workstation Polymath

The Polymath mobile workstation trolley is designed for heavier and more intensive use than the Basic version. Starting with this model, the trolley can be configured with, for example, an A4 printer and more powerful batteries and inverters. The Polymath is equipped with a comprehensive battery indicator, including real-time display of battery level in percentage and hours and with two undervoltage protections.

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