• Light in use due to sturdy industrial casters and smart design
  • Suitable for industrial environments and daily intensive use
  • Continuous insight into battery status through comprehensive battery indicator
  • Easily expandable with different modules and options
  • Designed to run with industrial label printers, laptops and tablets, among others

Stay productive with the LongLife mobile workstation

Let your employees easily move their workstation throughout the shift to the various locations in the warehouse where they need to perform their tasks. The compact trolley saves you the time they would otherwise spend walking back and forth to and from barcode scanners, computer screens, label printers and merchandise. The LongLife trolley is also equipped with a powerful battery that allows you to connect a lot of equipment and still last a whole shift.

With the LongLife mobile workstation trolley, you provide an organized workspace for your employees in the warehouse or production location. Keep all tools, equipment and materials centralized and organized, reducing losses and errors. You also prevent employees from wasting time searching for materials or mobile equipment such as a barcode scanner.

Setting up your mobile workplace

Depending on the type of trolley, different configurations, fixtures and customizations are possible. Ask our specialists for advice on which label printers, fixed terminals and mobile computers best suit your situation and needs. We will then take an immediate look at which mobile workstation trolley best suits it.


Dimensions1140x525x556 cm (HxWxD) or customization
Power400W - 2000W
System voltage12V
Battery capacity70Ah - 150Ah
Battery typeSemi-traction AGM
Number of cycles+/- 1000 - 1500 (at 70% discharge)
AlarmsVisual & acoustic

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Mobile workstation LongLife

Like the Polymath variant, the LongLife mobile workstation is designed to work with in the most challenging environments. But with a life of about 1,500 cycles, the LongLige’s battery lasts even longer.

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