• Superior performance in data-intensive applications
  • Smart Dock feature enables assembly and disassembly in seconds
  • Easily replaceable front panel
  • 16.5 cm display

Honeywell Thor CV31

The Microsoft Windows Embedded Compact 7 operating system takes full advantage of the Thor CV31’s OMAP4 1.5 GHz dual-core CPU and 1 GB RAM. This ensures fast and efficient operation of the device.

In addition, the Thor CV31 is compatible with Intermec CV30 mounts, scanners, keyboards and accessories, eliminating the need for new investments. This saves costs and ensures the continuity of existing investments.

Pairing Honeywell Voice SRX2 headsets to the CV31 is very easy and requires only a simple touch.

With the optional integrated 9-36 VDC power inverter and ignition control, the Thor CV31 can also be used in vehicles. This prevents the vehicle’s battery from draining, thus reducing maintenance costs and productivity losses.

The unique compact design of the CV31 has improved driver visibility by more than 20% over comparable devices. This improves driver safety and operating efficiency.

Finally, the optional touchscreen defroster provides additional functionality for applications in cold storage environments. This allows the CV31 to be used in even more diverse environments. In short, the Thor CV31 offers the latest high-performance technology in a compact and safe design for use in vehicles.


Dimensions17.65 x 18.92 x 5.6 cm
Operating Humidity5 - 95 %
Operating temp-30 °C to 50 °C
Memory1 GB RAM
Display resolution640 x 480
Keyboard typesTouchscreen only

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Honeywell Thor CV31

The Thor CV31 is our most compact computer for use in vehicles. It offers you the latest computer technology and support for Honeywell Voice.

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