• Easy cleaning and replacement of parts
  • Dual sensor technology for excellent precision pressure
  • Sturdy and durable with all-metal frame structure
  • Durable industrial print head with high print quality

Honeywell PD45 printer

The Honeywell PD45 runs on an Arm Cortex-A7 / 800Mhz processor, 128M memory and 128M DDR3 SDRAM. It features an advanced industrial print head that supports both direct thermal and thermal transfer. Honeywell’s patented dual-sensor positioning technology provides a minimum label height of 5 mm and vertical positioning accuracy of 0.5 mm (PD45S) and 0.75 mm (PD45). Two sets of adjustable pressure bars and dual guides ensure accurate paper feeding and help prevent dirt buildup and creases in the ribbon.

The Honeywell PD45S comes with a 3.5″ full-touch color LCD display and a 2.36″ LCD keyboard. The Honeywell PD45 with a 2.36″ LCD keypad and LED input button. The ergonomic design makes it easy to change and replace the print head. The front sensor that ensures accurate printing can also be easily removed to facilitate cleaning and replacement of the rubber roller. The PD45S and PD45 support multiple languages for printer commands, such as FP/DP/IPL/ZPL/DPL, one-time printer driver installation and easy Windows configuration.


Dimensions438 mm x 270 mm x 249 mm
Weight9.25 kg
Maximum print width203 dpi: 108 mm (4.25 inches) 300 dpi: 105.7 mm (4.16 inches)
Speed203 dpi: 50 - 200mm/s (2-8ips) 300 dpi: 50 - 100mm/s (2-4ips)

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Honeywell PD45

Designed with a minimum of internal mechanical parts and an all-metal frame structure, the PD45 is sturdy and durable. This gives our printer a tough, compact and sleek appearance, suitable for use in a wide range of settings and applications.

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