• Ergonomic, lightweight design
  • Compatible with Bluetooth hosts like Android, Windows, or iOS
  • With FlexRange™ scanning distance
  • Easily replaceable Li-ion battery
  • Good for 12,000 scans over a 10-hour shift

Working hands-free with the Honeywell 8675i

Excellent scanning performance allows even damaged barcodes or low-quality barcodes to be processed quickly. FlexRange technology increases the scanning distance and allows you to perform processes that were previously only solvable with heavier handheld devices.

Compared to the previous generation(the 8680i), the design of the Honeywell 8675i has been further optimized for ergonomics. For example, the 8675i is lower in height, minimizing disruption to workers on the shop floor and in the field while working. All contact surfaces are tuned for comfort, easy adjustment and simple use.

Package deliverer with Honeywell 8675i

Easy to use

The ring is easy to swap from right to left hand, is simple to operate and feels natural between the fingers. The 8675i can be converted from ring to glove without special tools. Because the Honeywell 8675i is made of non-absorbent materials, everything is easy to clean with approved disinfectants.

The Honeywell 8675i is designed to meet the needs of demanding processes. It is suitable for multiple shifts, with an easily replaceable battery. This also extends the life of the 8675i because the battery is easy to replace as soon as it deteriorates through normal use.

User-facing LEDs indicate Bluetooth connection, battery charge status and when to replace the battery. IP65 sealing and wide operating temperatures (-20 to 50C, -4 to 122F) ensure that unconditioned warehouses and frozen environments are no problem for the Honeywell 8675.

A new outdoor aimer provides accurate barcode targeting even in full daylight when laser aimers cannot be seen.

Wearable with glove

A “strap” glove places 8675i securely on the back of the hand for optimal dexterity, ergonomics and user comfort. Highly durable design for long life and reduced consumption costs. Wear the glove directly on the bare hand or on a conventional glove for added user comfort and safety. The glove is highly adjustable at finger and wrist and comes in left- and right-handed versions.


Dimensions65.2mm x 30.3mm x 15.2mm
Protection classIP65
Carrying optionsAs a ring or on glove
Operating Temperature-20 to 50 °C
Storage Temperature-20 to 60 °C

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Honeywell 8675i

The Honeywell 8675i wearable scanner helps improve the productivity of workflows in your warehouse. Small, light, ergonomic and available with FlexRange™.

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