• 5-megapixel camera for sharp image quality
  • Wide field of view to scan multiple labels or codes simultaneously
  • Suitable for many different industries
  • Fast and efficient data processing
  • Adaptable with different lenses
  • Multiple accessories available

Fixed scanner from Datalogic

The Matrix 320 is an advanced 2D fixed barcode scanner designed specifically for tracking products in various industries, such as distribution, retail, logistics and manufacturing. With its new 5-megapixel camera and fast softening, the Matrix 320 offers excellent performance and accuracy.

A key feature of the Matrix 320 is its wide field of view, making it possible to scan multiple labels and codes simultaneously. This is enhanced by the high-quality lenses and smart illumination, allowing even damaged or hard-to-read bar codes to be read effortlessly.

The Matrix 320 also has several lighting options, including powerful illuminators for fast and accurate scans over long distances. This ensures higher productivity and a quick return on investment.

In addition, this fixed barcode scanner from Datalogic has convenient features such as automatic scan distance optimization and scanner positioning, making installation and maintenance easy.

The Matrix 320 is flexible and can be customized to your specific needs with different lenses, lighting and accessories. It also has easy installation and configuration, reducing overall cost.

In short, the Matrix 320 is a powerful barcode scanner that helps companies track products efficiently, increase productivity and improve the quality of their processes.

Matrix 320 Specifications

Operating Temperature0° C to 40° C
Storage Temperature-20 °C to 70 °C
Weight300 grams
Protection ClassIP65 and IP67

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Datalogic Matrix 320

The Matrix 320 is an advanced 2D barcode scanner with high resolution and fast processing, ideal for tracking products in various industries. It offers excellent performance, wide scanning capability and flexible customization options. This allows companies to work more efficiently and increase productivity.

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