• Rugged metal housing with IP65 rating
  • Dynamic or adjustable focus for optimal performance
  • Integrated lighting without flash for comfortable use
  • Easy integration with browser-based interface

The AV900 from Datalogic

The AV900 is an advanced 2D reader doe specifically designed for logistics applications with fast transport systems as well as static reading applications.

With its highly sharp 9 megapixel camera, adjustable focus and various lens options, the AV900 sets new optical standards for capturing data without human intervention. The device uses continuous image acquisition without flashing lights and colored indicators, making it ideal for both applications where operators are present and objects are scanned manually, and for manual loading on conveyors.

The AV900 has the convenient software features, such as PackTrack, which can minimize the distance between objects and increase system productivity. It also uses high-speed image processing technology and stores captured images internally or can optionally transfer them to external devices via a high-speed Gigabit Ethernet connection.

Integrating the AV900 is easy thanks to its user-friendly Web-based interface and included setup tools. The device can communicate directly with PLCs that support Ethernet TCP/IP or serial communication. It also supports synchronizing multiple devices in a network configuration through a single interface.

The AV900 is durable and resistant to harsh environments, with a sturdy metal housing that can withstand cleaning with strong detergents. It also has active cooling to maintain optimal performance even at temperatures up to 50°C.

Specifications AV900

Dimensions20.0 cm x 12.6 cm x 13.0 cm
Operating Temperature0°C to 40°C
Storage Temperature-20ºC to 70ºC
Weight2.9 kilograms

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Datalogic AV900

The AV900 is an advanced 2D reader for logistics applications. With a sharp camera, adjustable focus and convenient software features, it offers fast and accurate data capture. Integration is easy and and the device is durable and able to withstand harsh environments.

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