• Easy to pair with other mobile devices
  • Powerful battery
  • Works optimally in different environments
  • RFID tags readable up to 9 meters away

Capture RFID tags more efficiently and error-free with Datalogic’s 2128P RFID Slide

The 2128P RFID reader is designed to maximize inventory accuracy and provide reliable inventory statuses. It offers top performance for fast reading of large numbers of UHF RFID tags and has advanced user feedback and built-in accelerometers for configurable and in-depth “search and find” functions.

The system offers ultra-secure data collection by avoiding Bluetooth but instead using a wired connection between the Memor 11 and the 2128P reader and supports batch data collection. The 2128P is easy to use and charge, and the ePop-Loq provides a quick and reliable way to attach and detach to the Memor 11.

This RFID Slide from Datalogic can be used to manage inventory in multiple industries, these include retail, transportation & logistics, manufacturing and healthcare.


Dimensions158 mm x 98 mm x 170 mm
Nominal reading distance± 9 meters
Drop Spec Multiple 1.2 m drops to concrete (0° to 40° C)
Weight445 grams (with battery)
Warranty1 year manufacturer's warranty

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Datalogic 2128P

The Datalogic 2128P RFID SLED allows your employees to capture RFID tags quickly and error-free, the 2128P can be wired to the Memor 11. By avoiding Bluetooth in this, an extra high level of security is achieved.

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