When an organization could use management support in their daily work, from administrative to policy-making as well as marketing and project management, they can use the services of Nassauplein Management. As a business service provider, therefore, they must always be able to rely on their IT systems, without which they are quite disempowered.

We sat down with Philippine Polders, board member at Nassauplein, to discuss how CaptureTech ensures that their IT environment is reliably taken care of so that they can do their jobs with ease.

Transition to the cloud

“Our main client is a construction training company. Here, young and older people take BBL training to become carpenters, bricklayers and other professions encountered in construction. We take care of the entire financial and payroll administration, time processing and supervision of the trainees. We work with Afas Profit,” Philippine begins.

“Among other things, CaptureTech facilitates Afas Profit for us. That is now running in the cloud, which was also the time for us to transition to the cloud. We have been working with CaptureTech’s services for about 12 years, to our complete satisfaction. Back then we were still working entirely on-premises; the cloud wasn’t really in the picture for us back then.

Over the years, of course, that has changed. We have started working more with laptops, which was not a common thing over 10 years ago either. After several years, our server environment needed to be replaced, so we had the choice of replacing the servers or going to the cloud. Since we were also going into the cloud with AFAS Profit, we decided to go all the way then.”

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“We have been working with CaptureTech’s services for about 12 years, to our complete satisfaction.”

Philippine Polders
Board member, Nassau Square

The benefits of working in the cloud for Nassau Square

“The move to the cloud was quite exciting for us. Especially because it was obviously unfamiliar, but CaptureTech guided us through this very well. Things changed, like the storage of files going to OneDrive, the way of logging in. We all had to get used to that.

Now I’m glad we chose this. With so much working from home in recent years, remote working has become really important. We also regularly work on-site at a client’s location. That works now, in the cloud, many times easier than before.

For example, before, we always had to set up a VPN connection. That is cumbersome, works slowly and is just not easy to use. But yes, safe it was. Now that is no longer necessary, but our environment is still perfectly secure. So ease and simplicity, being able to work faster without sacrificing safety, that’s really winning though,” Philippine continued.

"They always help us well and quickly with our questions, so that we can quickly get on with our work again"
Philippine Polders, Board member, Nassau Square

Prompt and pleasant service

CaptureTech also provides workplace equipment, such as laptops, desktops (some still like that better, especially for working with two screens), software such as Microsoft 365 and FileLinx and network connections. CaptureTech also handles the management and service desk.

“They always help us well and quickly with our questions so that we can get on with our work quickly,” Philippine says. “So too with the network, for example. It’s nice that they think along in that, because that’s true when you work in the cloud: without internet you’re suddenly nowhere!”

“What’s nice is that CaptureTech works with customer teams. This makes the service even better, because such a team really knows you as a customer. Then you don’t have to tell the whole story every time, which works faster. This shows that CaptureTech thinks along with you and continuously improves itself in the interest of the customer. Furthermore, the communication is always pleasant, something that is also very important in our work,” Philippine concludes.