It’s an imposing warehouse that Rico Kooijman, Account Manager at CaptureTech, steps into – and it’s not even the biggest. With tens of thousands of pallets spread over 42,000 m2 of storage and products from several importers, including millions of bottles of wine, Bouw Logistic Services from Nijkerk is a major player in the logistics market for wine and spirits. In addition, the 90-year-old family business specializes in white goods and deliveries to difficult locations such as construction sites. Quality is always paramount. Together with employees and customers, they build the strongest logistics chain.

Delivery reliability and cost reduction

As a logistics specialist for the fine-mesh distribution network, Bouw Logistic Services is more aware than anyone else of the major challenges facing the sector in the coming years, in inner cities, for example. In order to be as prepared as possible for these and other developments, Bouw Logistic Services continually focuses on technical innovations, process optimization and cost reductions. This always results in further error reductions, consistently high delivery reliability and satisfied customers who stay with them.

"These are cost reductions and efficiencies in the supply chain. The specialists at CaptureTech understand this very well and help us do so."
Theo van Domselaar, Commercial Manager, Bouw Logistic Services

It’s always about the “last mile,” the perfect delivery, according to Theo Domselaar, commercial manager at Bouw Logistic Services. “That’s what it’s all about in the end.” In addition, error recovery costs are high while logistics services is pre-eminently a cost-driven market. With the solution implemented by CaptureTech and through integration with the Warehouse Management System, Bouw Logistic Services now has full traceability, down to the item level. “Optimizing logistics processes is something that Bouw Logistic Services is actually constantly working on,” he said. From larger process optimizations to error reductions in pallet changes, flexible picking locations, movement reductions between locations and reductions in the risk of breakage damage. “The technology that CaptureTech implements and working with CaptureTech’s consultants helps us do that.”

But Bouw Logistic Services looks beyond its own warehouse and transports. They don’t just bring products from A to B; they want to be the best logistics partner for their customers. “From winemaker to consumer.” They unburden them and think with them. Thus, together they increase efficiency and optimize the entire logistics chain. New high-tech products such as Bouw Logistic Services has implemented with CaptureTech are among them.

Orderpicker using ProGlove with display

Optimization of logistics processes

“That fits right in with CaptureTech’s approach,” Rico Kooijman says. As a trusted partner, CaptureTech worked with the Bouw Logistic Services project team to investigate where there were improvement opportunities in the logistics process. It looks at the entire process, from receiving and stocking to order picking and shipping. CaptureTech’s knowledge and experience helped Bouw Logistic Services implement smart technologies to make its logistics processes as efficient as possible. This now actually constitutes the tool with which delivery reliability can be further optimized. Because CaptureTech works brand-independently, a combination of solutions from different manufacturers has been implemented. “It’s great to see the enthusiasm at Bouw Logistic Services and nice that the first implementation step is already paying off right away.”

Innovative logistics service provider

Bouw Logistic Services is innovative and progressive when it comes to logistics services and the techniques they choose to use in the process. “That includes innovative solutions implemented by CaptureTech, such as the ProGlove with display,” said Maarten Bouw, project officer for the new ERP and fourth generation of the family. Previously they worked with handhelds but now with the ProGlove the people on the floor work hands-free which has proved to be a huge efficiency gain.

"It was exciting though; new hardware and the integration with a new WMS. But CaptureTech accomplished everything in no time. We are really very satisfied."
Maarten Bouw, Project officer for new ERP, Bouw Logistic Services

“It was exciting though; new hardware and the integration with a new WMS (Boltrics). But CaptureTech realized everything in no time. We are really very satisfied. I would definitely recommend CaptureTech.”

Rico Kooijman adds, “I am pleased that Bouw Logistic Services is satisfied with our cooperation. As mentioned, it was an exciting journey, but together we are coming to a successful implementation.”