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IMC consultants work securely and smartly thanks to CaptureTech services

For IMC consultants, one thing is very important for doing their jobs: well-functioning IT. Equipment, software and the connection, it’s almost a holy trinity. Moreover, as experts in ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 certifications, among others, they know the importance of quality management and data security. In CaptureTech, they found the partner that ensures they can work smart, fast and secure.

Gert de Jong, owner of IMC consultants, talks about why IT is so important to them, what he pays attention to and why the partnership with CaptureTech has been a success for more than 10 years.

Data security as a focal point

ISO 27001 is the standard for information security. More and more organizations are striving to achieve this certification and improve processes. IMC consultants supports them in this regard. They do this by becoming part of the organization and providing customized services for each client. It also means that they know what is important when it comes to information security.

Gert de Jong

“If you know exactly what you have to comply with to achieve this ISO standard, then you can’t help but comply with it yourself. I have to have my processes in order, and how you implement that on a technical level, I need an external specialist for that.” said Gert.

“Therefore, after IMC Consultants was established, I looked for an IT partner. I came in contact with CaptureTech because they were looking precisely for a partner to support with ISO certifications. I saw how seriously they took it and I immediately had a good feeling about our cooperation.”

“Eventually a partnership with CaptureTech emerged: they take care of the IT for us and we support them in achieving and maintaining the certifications by securing and improving their processes. If we come across things that can be improved – from developments in standards or laws and regulations, for example – then we tackle that together. We help each other to optimize services to our other customers.”

"Our security simply must always be up-to-date so that data is properly secured. CaptureTech is always on top of this"
Gert de Jong of IMC consultants
Gert de Jong
Director, IMC Consultants

IT just has to do it all the time

In the services provided by IMC consultants, IT has become indispensable. Or, as Gert says, “If IT doesn’t work, we don’t work. And you can take that very literally. If my devices or the software don’t work then I might as well take a day off. That’s time that needs to be made up. It’s my tool, just like a carpenter needs a hammer and a painter needs a brush.”

Gert tells this while sitting in his office, in front of an interactive screen on which he talks to us via Microsoft Teams. Next to him is a laptop, there is obviously a smartphone within reach, and he also has access to a Remarkable2 tablet.

“It shouldn’t matter which of these devices I’m holding at the time, I just need to be able to access files from anywhere and continue working. CaptureTech takes care of that for me with Microsoft 365. And in the unlikely event that a device breaks down, I can log on to another one and continue working. So I never lose valuable time, no matter where I am or what I’m doing. And the same goes for our other employees.”

Always up-to-date

Gert further believes it is important for him to be aware of new developments and to be able to start using them. Our security simply must always be up-to-date so that data is properly secured. CaptureTech is always on top of that, I can trust them to make sure the software always has the latest updates and patches,” Gert says.

“In addition, it’s nice that CaptureTech always proactively notifies us when something happens. Even if it doesn’t affect us, such as a leak in certain software, I have an immediate email from them saying that they are aware of the leak but that there is nothing to worry about for us. It’s a safe feeling that I don’t have to guess about that or approach them myself with that question.”

But it goes beyond that: “I usually talk to CaptureTech once a month about technology developments. What’s new in Microsoft 365? What does that mean for me, how can we leverage that to work even more efficiently? We discuss things like that then.”

Office automation at IMC consultants

Own portal for customers

CaptureTech handles everything for IMC consultants, from device procurement to software consulting, implementation, management and service desk for questions and problems. There was also a desire for a portal where clients of IMC consultants could log in and view their information. This, too, is provided by CaptureTech.

“We are now working on the 3.0 version of the portal. What’s nice is that it’s customized, delivered by CaptureTech on existing Azure technology, and they think with us when we have another idea of how we’d like to see it done differently. Our customers really see the portal as adding value, so it is important to us that it works well, is secure and keeps up with the times.

CaptureTech is always working on innovations and new developments that I think is important. I think that in the field of IT, standing still is really going backwards, and we can’t use that in our profession,” Gert explained.

All in all, Gert is more than satisfied with the partnership they have had with CaptureTech for more than 10 years. What explains this success? “The professionalism of CaptureTech, while meanwhile they are very approachable. They think along, are always aware of what’s going on in the market, always communicate openly and are very proactive. Just everything you look for in an IT partner. And our customers indicate that they are impressed with how we have arranged it, which is a nice compliment for CaptureTech of course.”