Compare ProGlove and handheld barcode scanner

4 August, 2023
ProGlove MARK display vs. Handheld order picking
4 August, 2023

That you can work faster with the ProGlove MARK Display wearable scanner is well known by now. But how much is it really faster compared to a traditional handheld barcode scanner? We took the test at our client Fine Dining & Living, a wholesaler in Geel, Belgium. Check out the results below.

The right technology for order picking

The order picking process is a time-intensive activity, involving a relatively large number of warehouse workers. As a result, any improvement in efficiency and error reduction yields significant benefits. But how can we determine which order picking technique produces the best results for our specific situation? What hardware and software do we need to support this? And how does this solution fit into our broader IT landscape? And does the infrastructure, such as WiFi, still meet the minimum requirements for a smooth order picking system? Every warehouse or DC is different and has its own specific challenges.

Our specialists can provide excellent assistance with these issues. We have experts at both the logistics process level and the IT network level. For example, we can do a quick scan of our order picking process and produce a report that helps us determine the right strategy.

ProGlove partner

Want to know if ProGlove technology is right for your warehouse or DC, manufacturing environment or retail store? As the only Platinum Partner of ProGlove in the Benelux, our customers are assured of the best service. Our staff is extensively trained and provides integrations with other equipment, software tools and your ERP or WMS.

Platinum ProGlove partner

ProGlove develops the smallest and lightest wearable wireless barcode scanners. Want to know how these can help you become more productive in your warehouse or DC? Ask our specialists. Call +31 252 241544 for the Netherlands or +32 3 449 11 59 for Belgium.