• Airy, comfortable fit for easy everyday use
  • Always a suitable fit due to two flexible variants for left and right hands
  • With stretchy Velcro straps for easy attachment
  • Simple and affordable portable solution enabling great TCO and very attractive ROI

The ProGlove Hand Strap

The Hand Strap is a versatile and easy-to-use accessory from ProGlove. The Hand Strap offers a “one size fits all” solution and is made of lightweight and breathable materials, making it comfortable to wear all day long.

One of the main advantages of the Hand Strap is the ease with which it can be used in various work environments. Whether you work in a warehouse, distribution center or manufacturing environment, the handstrap can be easily unfastened and strapped to your hand. Adjusting the ProGlove hand strap to your hand size is easy and ensures an optimal fit. This is essential for comfort and ease of use during long working days.

The Hand Strap enables effortless scanning without the need to hold a handheld scanner. This leaves workers with both hands free to perform other tasks, such as picking up and moving items or operating machinery. And it contributes to a more efficient and productive work environment.

In addition, the Hand Strap’s lightweight and breathable design ensures that workers are comfortable even during prolonged use. The materials are durable and high quality, making the belt resistant to daily wear and tear and suitable for demanding working conditions.

All in all, ProGlove’s Hand Strap provides a practical and ergonomic solution for employees who regularly scan while working. With its versatility, comfort and adaptability, the HandStrap contributes to efficiency and productivity in a variety of work environments.

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ProGlove Hand Strap

The Hand Strap makes the ProGlove scanner even more flexible. With only two variants, for left hand or right hand, and easily adjustable strap, you have the right size for every employee.

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