Cisco Meraki wifi router

Professional WiFi networks

Cisco Meraki WiFi solutions offer unmatched simplicity, security and scalability and are suitable for the office and home networks to demanding locations such as retail stores, warehouses and manufacturing environments. With the wide range of high-quality access points and antennas for both indoor and outdoor applications, you’ll have the best Wi-Fi signal anywhere.

Site survey

With our WiFi site survey system, we measure signal strengths, data transmission and interference within the desired coverage area. Receive a full report with the data collected and practical advice and next steps.

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More with Meraki Cloud

Manage your network remotely with the intuitive and interactive Meraki Cloud; the platform that powers 10 million IT and IoT devices and 3.5 million networks.

Whether you have a small business with a few devices to a global enterprise with 100,000+, the Meraki Cloud lets you quickly build and scale professional networks.


Wifi measurement in warehouse

The perfect WiFi in your warehouse

So how do you make sure the Wi-Fi in your warehouse is optimal? We list the main “jammers” and tips for you in this blog.

Warehouse WiFi

WiFi measurement, quote or more information?

Our experienced specialists are on hand with practical advice and information on how best to optimize your Wi-Fi network.

Bas Jansen from CaptureeTech
Bas Jansen

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