• Layer 3 and OSPF routing
  • MAC transmissions, up to 32K
  • DHCP server, DHCP relay, DHCP snooping
  • STP enhancements
  • IPv4 and IPv6 ACLs.

MS250 Switches

The Cisco Meraki MS250 series switches are a range of powerful and easy-to-use switches designed specifically for the needs of businesses and organizations of various sizes. These switches provide a reliable and secure network infrastructure, combined with the simplicity of cloud management.

The MS250 switches offer flexible connectivity options with a range of port configurations, including copper Gigabit Ethernet ports and optional SFP ports for fiber connections. This allows organizations to easily adapt their network to their specific needs and grow as their network requirements increase.

A key feature of the MS250 Series is advanced management through the Meraki dashboard interface. The cloud-based management platform makes it easy to deploy, configure and monitor the switches from any location. Through the dashboard, administrators can monitor network traffic in real time, adjust settings and perform updates without the need for physical access to the switches.

In addition, the MS250 Series offers advanced security features to protect the network from threats. This includes features such as access control lists, port protections and integrated DHCP services. These features allow administrators to manage and secure network traffic according to their specific security requirements.

The MS250 series switches also offer network segmentation and Quality of Service capabilities to prioritize and optimize network traffic for different applications and services.

In short, the Cisco Meraki MS250 switches are reliable and easy-to-use switches that offer flexible connectivity, advanced cloud-based management and advanced security features. They are suitable for organizations of various sizes and help establish a secure and efficient network.



  • MS250-24 with 24 ports
  • MS250-48 with 48 ports

MS250 Specifications

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Cisco Meraki MS250

The Cisco Meraki MS250 switches are reliable and easy-to-use switches with flexible connectivity options. They can be easily managed through the cloud-based Meraki dashboard and offer advanced security features. Suitable for organizations of various sizes, these switches provide a secure and efficient network.

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