• Four radios: 2.4 GHz, 5 GHz, built-in WIDS/WIPS and Bluetooth® Low Energy
  • 4-stream UL/DL MU-MIMO 802.11ax (5 GHz)
  • 2-stream UL/DL MU-MIMO 802.11ax (2.4 GHz)
  • One 2.5 Gbps multigigabit Ethernet port
  • PoE: 802.3af/at
  • 24×7 real-time WIDS/WIPS and spectrum analysis via dedicated third radio
  • Improved transmit power and receive sensitivity

MR44 Access Point

The MR44 offers a maximum of 2.7 Gbps aggregate frame rate with simultaneous 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz radios. A dedicated third radio provides real-time WIDS/WIPS with automated RF optimization, and a fourth integrated radio provides Bluetooth scanning and beaconing.

The MR44 features integrated, easy-to-use security technologies to provide a secure connection for both employees and guests. Advanced security features such as AES hardware-based encryption and Enterprise authentication with 802.1X and Active Directory integration provide wire-like security yet are easy to configure.

Management of the MR44 is done through the Meraki cloud, with an intuitive browser-based interface that enables rapid deployment of the device. When connected, the MR44 automatically connects to the Meraki cloud, downloads its configuration and joins the appropriate network. If new firmware is required, it is retrieved by the Access Point itself and automatically updated. This ensures that the network stays up-to-date with bug fixes, security updates and new features.


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Cisco Meraki MR44

The MR44 is a professional Wi-Fi 6 Access Point from Cisco Meraki with multigigabit Ethernet. The MR44 offers high performance and efficiency with a dedicated security radio.

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