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2 March, 2023
BMaarten de Bakker from CaptureTech
Maarten de Bakker
Marketing Manager
Mano intern
2 March, 2023
Maarten de Bakker
Marketing Manager

You are not only a good employer for your “permanent” staff; trainees should also feel at home within CaptureTech. After all, interns are the employees of the future, and if an internship is to your liking, it is not infrequently a stepping stone to a job once the studies are over. Mano is an Expert IT systems & devices student at Nova College and has just completed his second-year internship at CaptureTech. That it will not stop there, he already lets us know when we ask him if he also wants to spend his third-year internship with us. Mano is happy to explain why his internship at CaptureTech tastes like more.

Thorough selection

Mano explains that last year he was already looking for an internship for after the summer vacation: “At school we were already told that it is sometimes difficult to find a suitable internship. I was eager to find a company in the Hoofddorp area where I would learn a lot. Through some detours, I ended up at CaptureTech.

I met Rick, what would later become my manager. We had three interviews, one of which included a tour of CaptureTech. Rick was friendly and explained well and clearly what would be expected of me. That’s nice, then you know where you stand. As a student – outside of a side job in a supermarket – I have no work experience or experience applying for a job, so then it is extra nice when it is explained well.

I heard back in June that I could spend my internship period at CaptureTech, school also agreed. I started my internship in October; the first period I spent mostly watching and listening to colleagues. I worked on the service desk and continued my internal training by picking up tickets. It took at least a month or two before I was on the phone myself for the first time, and it was nice that they gave me all the time I needed to get used to it and learn the basics.”

Mano intern IT


From theory to practice

That foundation is important, both for employees’ job satisfaction and for customers. “I learned quite a bit about IT in my education, but in practice it all works just a little differently. You really learn by working with it, answering customers’ questions and solving their problems.

Fortunately, everyone was always willing to help me and answer my questions. It never felt like my questions were too much. I really became part of the team, never felt less or different. They did not throw me into the deep end, but gave me time to get used to it, and when I did something well, I also received sincere compliments. It’s nice to be part of such a team and such an organization; after all, it forms the first picture you have of real working life,” Mano says.

Mano completed an internship at CaptureTech

Next school year another internship

That not only Mano is happy with his internship position is evident when he is asked if he would like to do his internship at CaptureTech in the next school year as well. “I take that as a compliment. That I’m doing well and that I fit in with the company. There are plenty of other students, they don’t have to proactively ask me. That appreciation is very nice. And of course I said yes, because I really like it at CaptureTech,” Mano explains.

“Besides being very helpful, everyone is also kind and interested, and there is always room for a chat or a joke. People work hard, but not without losing sight of each other. The picture is just right for me, I hit the right company all at once.”

That it can be different, he hears from his fellow students. It is not normal for everyone to treat trainees as full employees and give them all the time and attention they need to become good at their future profession.

What Mano also likes is the way they work: “The customer teams ensure that the service to customers is always optimal. We know what is going on, we can respond quickly and you get to know the customers, which allows us to deal with them in a friendly professional manner. We do everything we can to make customers feel heard. Also, the bond between colleagues is good, there is always very good cooperation. Everyone is eager to learn new things, interested in what colleagues are doing and what they are working on, and always willing to help. No problem is too crazy or it is solved, sometimes in creative ways together.”

"You can't get a nicer compliment, can you? We are glad that we were able to give Mano such a positive experience and in return we got a very motivated, good intern."
Rick van der Voort
Rick van der Voort
Quality Officer

When we ask Mano if CaptureTech would be a company where he would work later, when he has completed his education – and perhaps a further education – he replies confidently, “Yes, absolutely. Even though I wouldn’t want to work on the service desk my whole career, it’s a great starting point. And there are plenty of opportunities within CaptureTech to grow. A position as a consultant, for example, would be something I would like later on. But I think I will go on to college first. I think I will keep in touch with CaptureTech, because it is definitely a company I would like to work for when I finish!”

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