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26 May, 2023
CaptureTech Raoul
Raoul Nuberg
CaptureTech Intern Cas
26 May, 2023
Raoul Nuberg

In February, Cas, an enthusiastic student from Utrecht University of Applied Sciences, began his internship with CaptureTech. With his studies in Sales and Account Management as a foundation, he was ready to bridge the gap between theory and practice. Now, after nearly five months, it is time to look back on his experiences. From the application process to day-to-day operations, Cas has a lot to share about his time with us. With the finish line of his internship in sight, we see a student who has learned and grown a lot during his time here. From an unfamiliar environment to a place where he feels at home, Cas’ journey at CaptureTech was one of development and discovery.


Let’s start at the beginning, how did Cas end up at CaptureTech? As Cas tells us, it all started with a simple search on an internship website. But as with most stories, the real essence lies in the details….

The application process and first impressions

Cas first came in contact with CaptureTech through an online internship platform. After a positive response to his e-mail, he first met Maarten Anderson, the man who made his internship at CaptureTech possible. According to Cas, the application process was clear and fast, and gave him a first impression of the efficient communication within the company.

Once inside the walls of CaptureTech, Cas was officially taken under the wing of his supervisor, Sales Manager Kees Nijssen. But before he could really get started, he had to learn the ins and outs of the company. For this, he was mentored by Maarten de Bakker, who introduced him to the world of marketing. This introduction gave Cas a good overview of the expectations and practical workings of the commercial process

In no time, Cas was settled in and ready to put his newly acquired knowledge into practice. But as any intern knows, the transition from theory to practice can be surprising.

CaptureTech internship by Cas


From theory to practice: The learning curve

The transition from the theory Cas had learned in school to daily practice at CaptureTech was an exciting experience. He soon discovered that although theory and practice had many similarities, the real value of learning lay in doing.

Cas already knew a lot about marketing, especially SEO, from his education. But here at CaptureTech, he had the opportunity to actually apply this knowledge. It was no longer merely listening or typing; it was now time for active learning, something Cas particularly appreciated.

But not everything was like school. There were certain things that were different in practice. One of the biggest challenges? Calling prospects. Although he had learned in school how a call script works, the reality was different. It could go either way and that took some getting used to. But with each phone call, with each interaction, Cas became more skilled and confident. Beyond the challenges, there were also victories. Like the moment when he managed to get an old client, back on board. This was a tangible result of his efforts and confirmation that he was on the right track. These were the moments when theory and practice coincided and the value of his internship was truly expressed.

Cas interns at CaptureTech

The culture, the people and the future: Life at CaptureTech

One of the aspects Cas appreciated most during his internship at CaptureTech was the work environment and the way people interacted with each other. The atmosphere in the office was always lighthearted and fun, with a regular banter to keep the mood up. Cas quickly felt at home, thanks in part to the social way of communicating within the company, which he noticed both internally and in customer interactions.

A great example of this is the way CaptureTech communicates with its customers. According to Cas, a “you” form of communication with customers is deliberately chosen, rather than the formal “you” form. This creates a more personal and less business-like atmosphere in contact with clients, something Cas particularly appreciated.

At CaptureTech, Cas also had the opportunity to share his interests and hobbies with his colleagues, which contributed to the friendly work environment. Whether it was about soccer, going out or just having a beer in the cafeteria on Fridays, there was always room for personal interaction.


After a successful internship at CaptureTech, the future is bright for Cas. He would like to see himself back at CaptureTech, ideally in a position as Inside Sales, and later as a field sales Account Manager. He believes his experience at CaptureTech gives him an edge over his peers, especially because of the unique benefits and facilities CaptureTech offers to its trainees.

"Cas has been a great help recently in supporting our commercial activities. He quickly mastered the various tools, did CRM expansions, called customers and prospects independently and supported us at events. The results of this are already visible. We couldn't have imagined it any better!"
BMaarten de Bakker from CaptureTech
Maarten de Bakker
Marketing Manager

His internship at CaptureTech gave Cas not only practical skills and experience, but also valuable insight into the dynamics of a successful business and the people who keep it running. And who knows, maybe this is just the beginning of Cas’ adventure at CaptureTech.

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