What software for a voice picking solution?

A voice solution for order picking in your warehouse or distribution center brings benefits, that much is clear. Such as greater efficiency, fewer errors, higher speed, greater customer satisfaction. Things that all save costs. But what is the right approach to choosing the right software?

CaptureTech assists you with a WMS voice connector.

Do you have an existing warehouse management system, are you considering an update or even purchasing our own CaptureTech Connect system? As a system integrator, we are used to creating the optimal connectivity and integration. After all, this cannot be an obstacle to such an attractive solution as switching to voice picking.

Voice picking in warehouse

Clear benefits of voice picking in practice

Is it profitable? The CaptureTech DC Walkthough

For a thorough analysis of the logistics process in your warehouse or distribution center, our consultants first conduct a comprehensive inspection during our comprehensive DC Walkthrough. Only with their own trained eyes can they observe and identify any bottlenecks.

It is true that there is an investment associated with this. But the yield is many times greater. And that with a payback period of about six to 12 months. Voice is already deployable in a warehouse from as little as five order pickers. The more employees picking orders in your warehouse or DC, the more there is to gain with voice.

Adapting to market development

Moving from order picking with paper or bar code scanning to voice picking is a change process. So during preparation, it is important to build support. We clearly show the benefits to the individual employee.

Speech-independent or speech-dependent?

CaptureTech believes that a speech-dependent (trained) system is a better system in every way. A speech-dependent system takes into account, for example, differences in pronunciation, a dialect or even colds. A limited set of words is practiced with the computer by each employee in about 15 minutes and stored in the system. That recognizes each employee’s specific language, pronunciation, any defects and/or idiosyncrasies. In this way, a “library” of employees is created, so to speak. Any new employee can be quickly inducted and deployed.

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DC Walkthrough Warehouse

DC walkthrough and ROI calculation

During our proven walkthrough of a distribution center, we analyze your warehouse processes and come up with sound advice on voice based on that analysis. We calculate your ROI including the payback period. Your productivity increases by at least 20% by deploying a voice solution from CaptureTech. And with the use of CaptureTech Insight, you can further optimize processes after implementation.

More information or a quote?

At CaptureTech, we make office and logistics collaboration possible. We believe that organizations can be more successful through better and faster collaboration. This contributes to increased productivity and job satisfaction. Want more information or a quote? Then contact us directly at +31 252 241544 or send an email to [email protected].

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