Make cold storage and freezer warehouse more efficient with Voice Picking

Voice picking brings great benefits to cold storage and freezer warehouses and to warehouse workers. Here, personnel often work with (safety) gloves on, which seriously complicates the use of mobile terminals.

A growing number of chilled and/or frozen food distribution centers are deploying voice technology for order picking. Working based on paper or with bar code / RF scan is more difficult in a refrigerated work environment than in a “normal” work environment. In a frozen environment, it is almost impossible.

voice picking headset

Clear benefits of voice picking in practice

Workers wear for protection not only gloves, but also hats or helmets that work less well with picking methods other than voice. With a voice headset, effective and efficient order picking is possible in the harshest conditions. Through a hat and even through a helmet, the spoken instructions of a voice system can still be heard clearly.

With voice technology, the climatic conditions of your distribution center or warehouse have no negative impact on error rates. On the contrary, voice picking greatly reduces errors. The result is greater efficiency and employee satisfaction, as well as greater customer satisfaction.

Whatever voice solution you choose, CaptureTech will ensure that it integrates seamlessly with your existing or new warehouse management system (WMS). You also overcome the naturally higher staff turnover in a refrigerated environment with voice. Breaking in new people is done by the voice system itself. No course or significant other instruction is required.

Ultimately, application of voice for order picking reduces staff turnover.

All voice hardware is built to specifications that allow its use in temperatures down to minus 30˚C. This applies to headsets, voice terminals and batteries. There is also no reduction in range due to low temperatures.

Would you like CaptureTech to stop by and take a look at your refrigeration and/or freezer environment with no obligation? Then contact us soon.

DC Walkthrough

DC walkthrough and ROI calculation

During our proven walkthrough of a distribution center, we analyze your warehousing processes and come up with sound advice on voice based on that analysis. We calculate your ROI including the payback period. Your productivity increases by at least 20% by deploying a voice solution from CaptureTech, and with the use of CaptureTech Insight, you can optimize processes even further after implementation.

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