Voice-picking, also interesting for smaller warehouse environments

Do you have a smaller warehouse environment and use paper or perhaps barcode scanning there already? Then take a serious look at investing in voice technology for your order picking process. This brings time savings that translate into greater customer satisfaction. But this is by no means the only benefit.

Voice technology for order picking brings speed gains of up to 35%. Voice-picking also significantly improves the accuracy of picked orders. Greater speed, fewer errors, faster delivery, maximum customer satisfaction. Competitive advantages with an investment quickly recouped.

Voice picking in warehouse

Clear benefits of voice picking in practice

  • Error reduction
  • Time Saving & Productivity
  • Two hands free
  • Cost savings

What is voice-picking?

When you implement voice technology in your warehouse environment, your employees now pick orders with a headset and microphone. Each set can be easily trained, after which the system “gets used to” an individual worker’s pronunciation. This is efficiently controlled with voice instructions. Pick data are transmitted in real-time to your ERP or WMS.

Using temporary workers is no longer an obstacle. These employees also speak a set of words, which the system gets used to their pronunciation. Thus, no long or difficult training is required to master a voice system.

Why better than barcode scanning?

In a large proportion of smaller warehouse environments, order picking is performed using bar code scanning. In itself an advance over paper, but not the best option for optimizing productivity and accuracy. Order pickers work faster, more accurately and more easily with voice picking.

Quickly profitable

A voice picking solution is profitable from as little as 5 to 10 order pickers. Indeed, immediately after implementation, the process is faster and more accurate for every order picker, every hour and for every order line. The result is a greatly improved bottom line. This ensures a quick payback on your investment (6 to 12 months).

Want to know more about voice-picking for the benefit of your smaller warehouse environment? Then contact us for a completely free consultation.

DC Walkthrough

DC walkthrough and ROI calculation

During our proven walkthrough of a distribution center, we analyze your warehouse processes and come up with sound advice on voice based on that analysis. We calculate your ROI including the payback period. Productivity increases by at least 20% by deploying a voice solution from CaptureTech. And with the use of CaptureTech Insight, you can further optimize processes after implementation!

More information or a quote?

At CaptureTech, we make office and logistics collaboration possible. We believe that organizations can be more successful through better and faster collaboration. This contributes to increased productivity and job satisfaction. Want more information or a quote? Then contact us directly at +31 252 241544 or send an email to [email protected].

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