On the CaptureCouch: Michael

7 July, 2022
BMaarten de Bakker from CaptureTech
Maarten de Bakker
Marketing Manager
Michael Nieuwenhuize CaptureTech
7 July, 2022
Maarten de Bakker
Marketing Manager

In recent months we have welcomed many new colleagues. Always happy to introduce these to you at our CaptureCouch. Sitting there today is Michael Nieuwenhuize, now employed as an IT administrator for four months. “I feel right at home here,” he says immediately. From the several offers Michael received, he chose CaptureTech: “I had a very good feeling right from the first interview with Maurice (Director Operations). Not only with his story about CaptureTech, how they work and with which people, but also as a person and how he feels about it as an employer. It just clicked. After that first conversation I was actually already sure that I would go for CaptureTech.”

Daily operations

Michael finds the diverse work a great advantage: “Because of that, you don’t do the same type of work all the time. That’s really important to me. With other employers this is far from always the case. You might be installing the exact same Microsoft 365 configuration at every customer. Or, on the contrary, you are only involved in consultancy and not in installation.”

Helping Customers

“The best part of my job is making sure the customer is satisfied with the solutions provided. That they can work efficiently without any problems,” he says. Thinking with the customer about IT issues and coming to a solution together also gives great appreciation. “For example, a customer wanted a standalone office license. Of course that is possible, but in this case a free download of Microsoft 365 Access Runtime was a better solution and cost effective. It’s nice that at CaptureTech we focus on customer needs and not just technology.” In this regard, it helps tremendously to have the confidence of management, Michael says. “That they are behind me and my decisions allows me to work and communicate with clients confidently.”

Opportunities for further development

Michael likes that he can now pick up skills that he already had, but were not used at previous employers. “The training offered also ties into that, so I can refresh those skills,” he says. “For example, I recently attended an internal training course on Wifi Site Surveys (Wifi measurements). I already knew the ins and outs of it, but it’s good to refresh this knowledge.” The training opportunities given are important to him: “You notice that a lot is possible at CaptureTech in that regard. Not that I spend all day studying, or would like to. But you get the space for it, also in the office, and that’s nice.” This allows him to develop further in those specialties that he himself finds interesting.

Michael Nieuwenhuize


In answering the question of what Michael finds important in his work, he is clear: “Approachable colleagues that I get along well with, the feeling that you are working with a team instead of alone and being there for each other. I notice that this is the case at Capturetech. Everyone is very open and everything is negotiable.”

What Michael has particularly noticed since working at CaptureTech is the positive working atmosphere that exists between colleagues and with customers. “You really notice that colleagues want to go for it together, and I think our customers see that too.” In addition, working in customer teams suits him well. “I can always consult my teammates about their specialized knowledge, for example, and colleagues give me plenty of opportunities to consult in between; that’s how we all make something of it.”

Fourteen years in IT

Michael took a broad ICT course: “I found out pretty quickly that programming was not my thing.” He found the hardware and networking side much more interesting. So it was in that direction that he began his internships at the time. The final internship was the moment he was sure he had made the right choice. “It was a small company with an internal ICT help desk and the work was very broad; from pulling cables, to server installation and installing laptops. Solving problems for the employees and the appreciation I received just felt really good.”

Michael has now been in IT for fourteen years. Five of these he previously worked with Egwin Dutour. “We know each other from a previous employer where I spent five years. Nice to see him here again.”

Now and later

As an IT administrator, Michael deals with configurations of Microsoft 365, installations of switches, firewalls and PCs. “Configurations are interesting because it’s different for each environment. With a small client you have a relatively simple Microsoft 365 setup with little configuration work, with a larger client it becomes more extensive and often more functionality is desired.”

By now, he has about 60-70% of
who fall within his team talked to and helped; “And I’ve visited locations of some of them as well. This has all gone very well and I look forward to continuing this. Furthermore, I will be doing more and more installations and configurations and I see plenty of other fun challenges for in the future.”