CaptureTech Protect support staff in the office
Service Desk

Technical Support

For technical questions or issues, please contact our support team. This can be done either through our support number or by email. You can also request a login to create a ticket directly in our support system.

Reach out to our support department

Tel: +31 252 241542

E-mail: [email protected]


IT support workflow

When notified, our support staff follows the following standard procedure:

  1. Identifying the incident: In the case of a telephone request, efforts are made to resolve the incident already during the call. Some incidents may require further investigation or testing before an answer or solution can be provided.
  2. A ticket will be processed by one of our specialists.
  3. Determine the priority of the incident: An urgency level is always added to a ticket. The degree of urgency is determined based on the extent to which the incident affects business operations.


Hardware repairs

To report and submit hardware repairs, use our CaptureTech Check customer portal.

If you already have a login for this but don’t remember it please request a password reset via: [email protected] or by phone 0252-241544.