• Made for the demanding warehouse environment
  • With SimulScan, capture multiple barcodes with one scan
  • Sufficient power for three shifts
  • Most extreme shock resistance

Flexible scanning with Zebra’s TC8000

The TC8000 minimizes motion with an innovative scanning angle that prevents your workers from having to tilt their device thousands of times to see the screen. The flexible handheld allows hands-free scanning for an added productivity boost. The lightweight device minimizes fatigue, and an integrated tool lets you automatically convert your old Terminal Emulation (TE) “green screens” into elegant, graphics-based all-touch TE screens. These are not only very intuitive, but also drastically reduce the number of interactions required to complete a task. No coding and no modification of your host application is required. The result? Faster work and higher productivity.

Advanced scanning technology

SimulScan makes it easy to capture labels on boxes and pallets that contain many bar codes, plus text fields, check boxes, signatures and more on printed forms. The imager can be activated automatically by the proximity sensor whether the TC8000 is carried in the hip holster, on the shoulder strap or in the cart or on the desk. Two options are available: close-up scanning up to 15 cm and close-up scanning up to 60 cm.

If you need long range 1D/2D scanning, you can meet all your scanning needs with the SE4850 Extended Range Scan Engine with long range IntelliFocus. You can scan bar codes from 7.62 cm to 21.4 m. And with an industry-leading field of view, wide 10.16 cm wide bar codes can be captured at just 17.78 cm. All options register bar codes in virtually all conditions.

Check out the new generation of that model here: the Zebra TC8300.


Dimensions233 mm L x 76 mm W x 64 mm D
CPUDual core 1.7 GHz processor
Operating systemAndroid AOSP 5.1.x (Lollipop) with Mobility Extensions (Mx)
Drop SpecMultiple drop of 2.4 m on concrete at room temperature according to MIL-STD 810G; multiple drop of 1.8 m on concrete over full operating temperature range.
WeightStandard: 490 g; Premium: 500 g
Tumble Spec2,000 1m tumbles.

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“It is the ease of use of both the scanner and the software that give us great advantages on several dimensions.”

Menno van Oene, Medior System Administrator

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Zebra TC8000

Zebra’s TC8000 touch computer offers superior ergonomics for superior productivity and working comfort. This model runs on Android and can withstand multiple falls from 2.4 m on concrete and is spray and dust proof. Because the TC8000 is built to handle constant temperature fluctuations between extreme heat and cold, it is ideal for outdoor applications.

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