• Flexible hands-free scanning with many carrying styles
  • Instant pairing with NFC-enabled Zebra products
  • LEDs lead the way
  • Realizes maximum productivity of your staff
  • Calculated on millions of activations (pressing the trigger)

Maximum productivity with the RS5000 ring scanner

Want to maximize the productivity of your employees using Zebra’s wearable computers? Zebra’s hands-free RS5000 scanner is the solution for you. With its simple point-and-shoot functionality, your employees can capture virtually any barcode at lightning speed, whether it’s a 1D or 2D barcode and under virtually any circumstance.

When it comes to comfort, the RS5000 meets all requirements. The scanner is lightweight and perfectly balanced, making it easy to carry with a single finger on either hand. This leaves both hands free to handle materials, further increasing productivity.

Warehouses, distribution centers and manufacturing facilities are some of the toughest environments, but the RS5000 scanner is big on durability. Your employees can drop the scanner, spray it with water or even use it in the freezer and still count on maximum productivity.

With the RS5000, you get more than just a powerful little ring scanner. You get more productive employees, more value from your Zebra wearable computers and more satisfied customers. Choose Zebra’s RS5000 scanner today and maximize your employees’ productivity!


Dimensions51.5 mm L x 32 mm W x 27.5 mm D
Operationg Temperature-30°C to +50°C
Drop SpecMultiple 1.4 m drops to concrete over the operating temperature range
WeightWT41 version weight: 92 g / WT6000 short cable version: 76 g / WT6000 long cable version: 112 g
Tumble Spec1,000 @ 0.5 m tumbles

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Zebra RS5000 Ring Scanner

Through PRZM Intelligent Imaging, users of the Zebra RS5000 Ring Scanner will enjoy unmatched scanning performance. This results in maximum productivity of your employees for the various processes within your company.

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