Trade-in campaign for printers until the end of 2022

22 November, 2022
Label printer for label printing in goods receiving or shipping, for example.
22 November, 2022

Our printer trade-in campaign continues until the end of 2022. Now take advantage of a trade-in discount when you turn in your old printers when ordering new Zebra printers, for example. For the trade-in promotion with Zebra, even printers from other brands can be traded in at a discount.

Replacing printers

Do you have outdated portable, desktop or other industrial printers in your warehouse? Then contact us by filling out this form. Perhaps your model and type will qualify for a drop-in discount. In doing so, you turn in your old printer(s) and we offer a discount on a new model.


CaptureTech Check software on a laptop

Managing printers with CaptureTech Check

CaptureTech Check is a service portal that gives you insight into the technical status and details of your equipment, by site or location. Also, in CaptureTech Check, you easily and quickly report a defective device, such as a printer. Send it to our repair center, track its status in Check and receive repaired equipment back quickly and immediately deployable.

View CaptureTech Check

Are your printers working optimally?

Fill out the contact form and we will contact you to see if your printers qualify for a trade-in discount.


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Bas Jansen

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