• 24/7 reliability in the harshest conditions
  • Micro-consecutive printing for top-quality micro labels
  • User-friendly setup, operation, maintenance and troubleshooting
  • Compatibility with SOTI and AirWatch device management software
  • Long-life printheads reduce replacement costs and printer downtime

ZT600 Industrial Printers

ZT600 Series printers are built to withstand the most demanding industrial conditions, virtually eliminating operational downtime due to printer failures. Plus, they meet your high production needs day in and day out, with superior print quality and speed for a wide variety of applications.

All-metal heavy structural components are designed to withstand the demands of 24/7 use for years of continuous operation. Built-in thermal management eliminates vents and cooling fans and keeps dust and dirt out for trouble-free printing, even in demanding environments.

Accurate printing on micro-labels

The ZT610, with its highly accurate print line registration and adjustment, offers 600 dpi printing for labels as small as 3 mm high for applications such as circuit boards, chips and miniature parts.

The intuitive Print DNA software, powered by Link-OS®, delivers unparalleled intelligence for advanced connectivity, device management and privacy control. User-friendly design features, including an optional color touch screen, streamline everything from installation to daily use and routine maintenance. Compatibility with other printing systems and technologies simplifies integration and management, while built-in sensors, diagnostics and resources help with troubleshooting.

Long-life printheads reduce replacement costs and printer downtime, and labels load easily sideways. Easily adjustable print head pushbuttons feature scale and color-coded pressure indicators to simplify printer setup and operation.

Specifications ZT610 and ZT620

DimensionsZT610: 505 x 268.2 x 395.7 mm (L x W x H); ZT620: 505 x 341.5 x 395.7 mm (L x W x H)
Resolution203 dpi/8 dots per mm 300 dpi/12 dots per mm (optional) 600 dpi/24 dots per mm (optional for ZT610 only)
Maximum Print WidthZT610: 4.09"/104 mm ZT620: 6.6"/168 mm
Maximum Print LengthZT610 203 dpi: 3810 mm, 300 dpi: 2540 mm, 600 dpi: 762 mm, ZT620 203 dpi: 2032 mm, 300 dpi: 2032 mm
WeightZT610: 22.7 kg, ZT620: 26 kg
Memory1 GB RAM memory 2 GB on-board linear Flash memory

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Zebra ZT600

Zebra’s industrial printers are known for their durability, fast print speed, long life and unmatched reliability. The ZT610 and ZT620 build on that legacy, with the most advanced, comprehensive feature sets of any Zebra stationary printer series. For starters, you easily navigate through printer settings and see status at a glance through the brightly lit 4.3-inch full-color touch display.

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