• Lightweight & Comfortable
  • Charge carriage and scanner simultaneously
  • Different cradle variants possible
  • As many as 1300+ RFID tag reads per second
  • Reading range of more than 600 cm and ultra-accurate item-finder mode

Zebra’s RFD40

Zebra’s RFD40 is an advanced handheld RFID reader designed specifically for capturing and tracking RFID tags in various applications, such as retail, logistics and manufacturing. With its outstanding functions and distinctive features, the RFD40 provides a powerful solution for RFID data management.

The RFD40 delivers improved read performance, allowing fast and accurate scanning. The device has an extended read range, allowing RFID tags to be efficiently detected even at a distance. In addition, this RFID module is capable of scanning multiple tags simultaneously, which increases productivity and speeds up the inventory process.

With its ergonomic and durable design, the RFD40 is suitable for demanding environments. The device has a comfortable grip and robust housing that can withstand drops, shocks and dust. This allows it to function reliably even in harsh working conditions.

The RFD40 offers flexible connectivity options, including Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. This allows the device to easily connect to other devices and networks, allowing data to be seamlessly shared and uploaded to backend systems. This facilitates management of collected RFID data and streamlines operational processes.

In addition, the RFD40 is equipped with an intuitive user interface. The device features a bright touchscreen and user-friendly interface, making operation and navigation easy for users. This contributes to a smooth and efficient user experience, and minimizes training time for new users.

In short, Zebra’s RFD40 is a powerful handheld RFID reader with improved reading performance, an ergonomic and durable design, flexible connectivity options and an intuitive user interface. It provides a complete solution for scanning and managing RFID tags in various industries. Refer to Zebra’s official documentation for more detailed information about the RFD40 and its specific capabilities.


Specifications RFD40

Dimensions15.1 cm H x 8.4 cm W x 16.65 cm L
Weight~541 grams (sled with battery)
Combine withZebra TC21/26, Zebra EC50/55
PowerQuick-Release, PowerPrecision+ Li-Ion 7000 mAh battery
Drop SpecMultiple falls of 1.8 meters on concrete
Operating temp-10°C to 50°C

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Zebra RFD40

The RFD40 UHF RFID slider is compatible with Zebra’s latest mobile computers such as the TC21/TC26 and EC50/EC55 and delivers the best read performance in the industry with 1300+ tag reads per second. With the optimized read range and increased battery capacity of 7000 mAh, you reduce time spent on counts and inventory.

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