• Simply slide the TC20 on and off
  • Charge the RFD2000 and TC20 mobile computer separately or together
  • Long battery life
  • Find lost items easily with the Geiger counter
  • RFID tag encoding at the touch of a button

Optimal inventory management with Zebra’s RFD2000 RFID module

The RFD2000 is an additional RFID module developed by Zebra. It is specifically designed to be used with Zebra’s mobile computers. Pair the module with one of the Zebra mobile computers, and you add RFID capabilities to your current devices.

The RFD2000 allows mobile workers to capture and collect RFID tags using their Zebra mobile computer. It uses the latest RFID technologies to enable fast and accurate data collection, even in demanding environments.

The RFD2000 has an ergonomic design that fits comfortably in the hand and allows for prolonged use. It also offers a convenient trigger button for scanning RFID tags and an indicator light for status updates.

With respect to connectivity, the RFD2000 uses Bluetooth to connect wirelessly to the Zebra mobile computer. This ensures trouble-free integration and flexibility in using RFID functionality.

The RFD2000 is ideal for use in a variety of industries where RFID tracking and management are critical. It allows mobile workers to capture RFID tags quickly and efficiently, increasing your employees’ productivity and operational efficiency.

In short, Zebra’s RFD2000 is a convenient and powerful RFID module that transforms mobile computers into RFID readers, enabling accurate data collection and tracking in a variety of application areas.


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“The RFID solution allows for better replenishment of the assortment and contributes to higher service levels in our stores.”

Karin van Braam, Director of Merchandise Planning & Category Management

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Dimensions14.9 cm H x 7.9 cm W x 13.3 cm L
Nominal reading distance± 6 meters
Host ComputerZebra TC20 mobile computer
Drop Spec Multiple 1.2 m drops to concrete at room temperature
Weight± 310 gr. (sled with battery)
Tumble Spec500 cycles (1000 drops, 0.5 m) at room temperature

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Zebra RFD2000

The Zebra RFD2000 is a gun-style RFID adapter on which you easily put the Zebra TC20 mobile computer. The module is designed specifically for inventory management and to provide store personnel with support in their retail store.

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